Saturday, July 22, 2006

Abraham Cherrix - The Aftermath

I am still appalled and still in shock which has put me in a rather biatchy mood the past couple days and it's a mood I just can't shake. I just can't believe the verdict. What judge in their right mind (*key word: right mind) would have done this to this child???? This child that is two years from being an official adult!!! This child that I have watched grow up and my heart just aches for what torment he is going through right now!

Can you imagine what he's going through?

Do you think he's just going "Oh, ok, I guess I have to go through chemo like a trooper now"? Good God, is there anyone out there that understands the freaking problem? THIS CHILD CANNOT HEAL UNDER THIS STRESS!

No one listens, though, do they? The court doesn't listen. Hmm...wonder if the president would listen? Would the court listen to the president if he told him he was an SOB and made him step down from the bench and told Abraham he can go on with his treatment so that he can get better? Where is the president when you need him??? Out there fighting wars? Ohhhhnooo...he wouldn't be doing that of course because this is America and only America sends their BOYS to war. Well, I guess most countries do that. I'm just pissed. Pissed beyond belief.

I haven't talked to Rose yet. I know I will cry and between us both, it won't be a pretty picture. I plan on calling her Monday, though. I want her to know how sorry I am. I want to help her, help Abraham, help the family, but what can you do at this point?

Someone made a comment that Abraham should sue the court or something. Too pissed to fully comprehend anything readable tonight. I just don't think they should take this sitting down.

Everytime I look into Abraham's eyes, I see my own son. My own son that has Marfans and the disability people say he's not eligible for anything. So, he sits. He vegetates. What kind of freaking life is that?

I'm just pissed and, you know, one day...I'm going to find a place where I can go where no beauracratic anything can have any say on what I am to do and how I should do it.

Guess there is no place like that.

Spunky just posted this on her blog:

To voice your opinion to the judge, call one of his numbers and leave a message for him or ask to speak to him during business hours. Here are his phone numbers: (757)393-2990 or (757) 399-5514. (Thanks Eric)

And thank you Spunky! Call'em guys...and give'em hell.


  1. I just read the verdict, how sad. To think the same people that are forcing this young man and his family through hell are the same people that are asking gawd to help them take away the rights of Abraham's parents. One day I realized that if this type of behavior guarantees I make it to heaven, then heaven is not the place for me. I could never be a good christian. No thanks, I'll leave heaven to good people like Ken Lay, his good old boys network and The Cherrix Familles social worker.

  2. The world is so screwed up. Those who desperatley want the treatment are jerked around when they have no health insurance. Those who don't want it, who JUST want to be left alone, are forced into state custody, or state intervention. This is too sad.

  3. Anything we on the Shore can do to help?

  4. Diane, are you on the Shore, too? Email me at thewriterslife(at) I'd be willing to do anything at this point. I'll call Rose in the morning and ask her what's going on.

  5. I'm thinking of writing the governor or the president.

  6. Yes Dorothy I am on the Shore. Near Exmore VA. I to want to try and due something. Any thoughts?

  7. I'm not sure what to do at this point, but I feel I need to do something. I'm thinking of either picketing the courthouse or someone or contacting the governor. Any thoughts on this?

  8. What about a call into WESR to ask why they are not covering it as well as the Eastern Shore news (daily times. Also what about Thelma Drakes office?

  9. Dorothy
    I really don't know how far you would get contacting Bush. He just veto'd stem cell research on embryos that will now be thrown in a dumpster because he felt it was taking a life HUGH?
    If you put together a petition I would be happy to sign and send to friends. Let me know what we can do to help.
    Miss Cellania made a great point

  10. Any News about today?

  11. Diane,

    I've been following the story and have a few updates on my blog. In a nutshell, the family filed an emergency appeal. They are awaiting the judge's ruling.

  12. Not yet. I'm going to call her tomorrow. My hands were full today and before you knew it, it was 10 p.m., and I know they go to bed early.

    Okay, I just jumped up...they're having a story tonight on back with what I find out.

  13. YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSS!!!! I'll be heading over to your blog, did good! I'm about to watch something about it on TV in a second and I'm calling Rose tomorrow. Details on my blog tomorrow....


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