Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The Story of Abraham Cherrix - Update

The judge has postponed his decision. Guess this isn't going to be a cut and dry case, folks, but it really makes me feel better about the whole thing knowing that he's giving this more thought.

I talked to his mother, Rose, today. She's in good spirits. Nothing can keep that woman down. We remininced about the time she and Jay and the kids would come into the restaurant and how they'd bring things from home to show me. Lilly loved books and she'd bring one every time just about. I remember Abraham always smiling and even the rest of the kids...they were just angels. And the enthusiasm coming from them as they told me either about their new puppies or some wildlife they had found who was hurt and fixed'em up and let them back out in the wild. Amazing family, serious.

There's a joke around work about them. Every single time they'd come in, they'd shout "Hi Dotti!" It was like an echo with all five of them yelling, "Hi Dotti, hi Dotti, hi Dotti..."

Man, they could light up a room.

I really miss them coming in. Abraham can't have pizza anymore so that's one reason why they don't come in.

I asked Rose how he was adjusting to his diet and she said that lately he was showing signs of it getting pretty old. I told her that it was still new to him and eventually he'll probably get used to it.

Here's a sweet story...I asked her how she handled feeding her large brood and she said that she has to feed Abraham and the youngest tykes first and Lilly will usually eat, but hold off on her salad until her Daddy comes home. It was "her thing with her Daddy" Rose said.

I was curious and asked her if the kids owned things like other American kids like Playstation or video games and she said no, that they have been brought up to play games like when we were kids. Their favorite games were chess, checkers and making drawings.

The kids spend a lot of time helping their father with the business and I believe that's how they have found their passion for wildlife. Jay runs a kayak business and takes tourists through the waterways and the kids go along. It's really a family-run business, that's for sure, but they live for it.

Anyway, I told her when she hears something to either call or email me. I'll let you know when that happens.

I do want to tell you something Rose said today and she was vehement in her stand on this. She said, "If you go to two or three different doctors and get each opinion, isn't it your choice to choose who you want to be your doctor? Isn't it a matter of opinion on who is the best according to YOUR choice? Just because someone does not believe in your choice, does that make it not right? Don't you have that right as an American citizen?"

She had a point there. Aren't we supposed to be a democratic society? Sounds to me that the government is doing a little too much stepping into our rights, don't you think?


  1. It sounds like the judge is becomming aware of the importance of this case & the weight his decision will have. I'll bet he is asking for other opinions of his judicial friends.

  2. Ahhhh...I bet you are right, Dick.

  3. Dick, that was my thought when I heard the case had been postponed.

    Dorothy I appreciate you sharing the personal side to this family. I've been praying and I know others are as well.

    I devote quite a bit of my blog to state intervention in our private lives. It's truly amazing how many people don't see the bigger picture and are totally content with the state running every aspect of their lives.


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