Thursday, November 9, 2006

Are You an Energy-Zapper or Know Someone Who Is?

Scenario #1 -
You're in between keeping your virtual book tour running smoothly, finishing off your next relationship book, and sending out fifty million press releases. All of a sudden, the dogs are going crazy which sends the bird into choruses of "Let's Chirp As Loud As I Can So My Voice Will Be Louder Than The Dogs," and your equilibrium does a tail-spin. BF is home. The noise level goes from -2 to 200 on the richter scale, and you've lost all ambition to continue what you were doing. BF, in between making Max scream to to the top of his lungs after he says, "Wanna go outside?," says, "Oh, did I disturb you?"

Scenario #2 -
"Mom, can I pleeeeze use the computer for a few minutes. I've got this ECLEX test to take and my form was supposed to be in the mail. Have you been to the mail lately? I really need that form to fill out this other form on the Internet to take my ECLEX or I won't make that $1,000,000,000 a year I get from my new nursing job. Can I pleeeeze get on there to check my email to see if they sent me any information about it???? Pllleeeeeezzzzeee?????"

I sigh, get up, start dishes, and hear a scream.

"This %$#@ computer! Mom, when are you going to get someone to look at this #$%& computer???? If I lose this, I'll have to pay another fifty bucks to get it again...omg...I need that pin number...did BF get the mail??? He doesn't have that form and I lose out on making my $1,000,000,000, and lose it, did he???? I know I'll kill him for sure then!!!! Why isn't this ^%$#@ computer working right??? Omg...what's this mean????"

I put the dish rag down, and run to her aid. With one click, problem solved and I start cleaning the spare bedroom. That's when I hear another shriek.

With my blood pressure rising, and hitting a new record temperature on the hot flash meter, I run back out in the living room.

"You didn't tell me you unplugged the printer!!!!," she shrieks.

I plug in the printer, and it's about that time, I feel my energy waning to new depths.

Scenario #3-
The house is finally quiet. BF and Daughter is at work. I have the whole day to myself to finally get some work done. The workload is horrendous as stated in scenario #1, and all I want is peace and quiet.

And that's when someone goes by with a damn sound system that you could hear in California.

The dogs wake from their slumber, and between their howls and the bird's chirpings, I lean back in my chair and wonder how in the hell I can afford that cabin in the mountains. Alone.

I love my family. I love my dogs. I even love my loud-mouth bird.

But, do you ever get to the point where you feel these energy-zappers are getting to be too much, and are pushing you to the edge of senility? And they wonder why when they walk by me, asking me a question, that I don't respond?

Do you have energy-zappers in your life? How do you handle it????



  1. You do realize that with dsl, the computer would be faster. IM me and we'll hook it up.


  2. I gave up on it, Ron, but thanks for the offer!

  3. Okay, as previously stated by ME to you. BF is a grown man, he can make it own his own and seriously, he can do nothing for you a nice battery operated.... well you get the idea. SO, one problem down, one to go,.
    Daughter is grown, gradutaed from Nursing school and making a $1,000,000,000.00 a year. SHE can definitely afford her own space.
    Dogs won't bark much in the woods, bird will squawk less, and your PC will be all yours. How much does it take for one woman, a couple of dogs and a bird to live in peace on? Not nearly as much as one interrupting boyfriend, one uber hysterical, pc illerate daughter, a couple of barking dogs, one squawking bird, and a frazzled, pill popping, harried lady who just needs time alone!
    Time to take a step, lose the stress and enjoy your life. With loved ones is good, if they can be QUIET, alone is better, if they can't!!!

  4. Oh, Lord, I hear you! Noise pollution can sure enough drive you to the edge. When you live with the noise polluters, there's not much you can do about it. Unless ... do you think we're too old to run away from home?

  5. I had to laugh at both Linda and Serena!!!! Great ideas, guys!

  6. OMG, Dot,I have been there, done that and made the T-shirt! You are certainly deserving of FFG status (Fabulous Fairy Godmother to those of you who don't know!) and you need a bushel of fairy dust!

    I am amazed at how you get anything done!! Simply amazed!

    Laura :)

  7. Oh, geez, Dot, I feel for ya! I don't have the dogs and birds to contend with, but a lot of the other -- well, a lot of similar to the other -- I do.

    How to deal? I have no f'in clue!

  8. I do have an energy Zapper in my life. Well, besides my job, my kids, my dogs, my house, my husband....
    And I wish I knew how to handle her!


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