Wednesday, November 1, 2006

Virtual Blog Tour Kicks Off at Kathy Holmes' Blog, Women's Fiction With Attitude!

Good morning! I've taken all THREE dogs out for a walk, and now it's time to mosey on over to Kathy Holmes' blog, "Women's Fiction With Attitude"! I will be talking about promoting your own eBooks (really it's not as hard as you think) in case you wanted to generate some Christmas spending money or just in case you might want to do this yourself in the near future. It'll be a great learning experience, so follow that link! The coffee's hot and the donuts warm! Besides, Kathy's a real winner in my book as she's thinking about selling her own ebooks herself. And, if you have any questions about self-publishing eBooks, or promotion in general, leave a comment on Kathy's blog and I'll answer it for you. See you there!

Tomorrow I'll be at Joyce Anthony's blog at KaleidoSouls where I will explain more what this "self-publishing eBooks" is all about. If you want to keep track of where I'll be, visit my promoting eBook blog, eBook Promotion for Self-Published Authors!

Happy promoting to you!


  1. Thanks for allowing me to be the kick-off blog for your virtual blog tour. It's already starting off successfully. I've even had invitations from distributors to sell my ebooks. I'm sure your success will build as you visit each new blog - as well as rewarding for each host on the tour. Good luck to all and wishing you the best of success! I'll be right there with you to see what else I can learn.

  2. Wow...amazing how this stuff works!!!! Distributors already! Go, Kathy, go!


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