Monday, November 20, 2006

Virtual Book Tour - Stop # 11 - In the Middle

Baby, it's cold outside! Even so, I've got my steaming hot cup of coffee, and I'm warm and happy. Another advantage of a virtual book tour!

Today's stop dear friend, Martie's, blog IN THE MIDDLE! Come on over and ask me anything. I dare you. Double dare ya. Thank you, Martie, for hosting me!

Speaking of promotion, I will be teaching a workshop, "Pump Up Your Self-Published eBookPromotion" over at Earthly Charms in July. Hard to wait that long!

Am I the only one without a turkey for Thanksgiving??? My landlord gives us one every year (I presume for being eternally grateful we don't complain about the million things we have wrong with this house), so I didn't buy one.

Well, the days are getting closer to Thanksgiving, and no sign of the frozen turkey out my back door. As in wtf?

I was telling BF about this, and was getting a little worried as Thanksgiving is only 3 days away, and he says, "He gives us a turkey on Christmas, doesn't he?"


I really really need to slow down. Just not in my vocabulary.

So, I guess a trip to the store is on the agenda after I get off from work tomorrow...but...will there still be turkeys there?

Jeez, always something. So, is everyone cooking this year? I may have to borrow your turkey if you don't mind.


  1. My turkey will be busy, but you are welcome to come join me and my dozen or so relatives for dinner! Bring a side dish!

  2. We're doing our turkey shopping tomorrow too. Yeah, there'll still be turkeys. Yeah, we're nuts for waiting so long. But I don't drive and Mom's working out of town today and yesterday. So that only leaves tomorrow.

  3. I hope so. I usually don't wait until the last minute!


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