Monday, April 7, 2008

But Does it Sell Books?

I just have to share this video with you. It reminds me of the guy I met in New York years ago...forgot what they called him but he was landing on all the talk shows, but he had a guitar on his back and nothing on his bum but a pair of briefs. He had crowds around him...I wish I could remember the name of him but it might be The Singing Cowboy.

Anyway, another dude has hit the NY pavement with nothing but briefs, but this time around, it's not to sell his singing, but to sell his book. It's cute...the guy is cute, too...;o)


  1. LOL! I think everybody in America must be out there trying to publish a novel. At least, we're not alone. :)

  2. I remember the singing cowboy who sang in a cowboy hat and his briefs. he was on People's Court or of those court shows not too long ago suing his girlfriend, or she was suing him. All a publicity thing.

    Just got back from the Eastern Shore on Tuesday night. Can you believe it rained the whole time and was chilly? Now I hear you are having warm weather. It's me isn't it? LOL


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