Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Love Is What It's All About

I just have to share this with you. I have an author going out on virtual book tour in May. Her name is Bonnie B. Cuzzolino and she's the author of a children's book titled Letter of Love From China. Let me post a little blurb about what this book is about:

The story is based on a Chinese birth mom in China who writes her daughter a letter explaining her love for her.She explains her reasons for daughter's relinguishment which are due to poverty and the rule to keep families in China small due to overcrowding. Birth mom describes the beauty of scenic China and the Holidays of Chinese Moon Festival and Chinese New Year in the hopes her daughter will forever have a connection to her birth land of China.She prays for, meaning hoping for but not certain of, her daughter's adoption by a loving family from a foreign land.Birth Mom ends by using the moon as a mirror to
envision each other's faces in times of thinking of one another.She promises
that birth family will always remember her.

I interviewed Bonnie for Divine Caroline, which will be one of her tour stops on her virtual book tour with Pump Up Your Book Promotion, and the interview itself will bring tears to your eyes once you realize why she wrote the book.

Little Jillian Mei was but one year old when her mother could no longer take care of her. In China, they have this rule where you can only have one child and we don't know whether that had anything to do with it or not, but it does make you wonder. If a couple in China already has one child and the mother gets pregnant, what does happen to this child? Are they forced to an abortion? What if they refuse and they have the child? Do they have to give the child up for adoption? Can you imagine living in a democracy where you had to give up one of your children?

In this interview with Bonnie for Divine Caroline, she tells me she never knew little Jillian Mei's mother and had no idea what the circumstances were as to why she had to give her up. But, she is thankful that she could could provide a home and love for her newest addition to the family. I don't know who is more thankful, her or Jillian Mei, but the Cuzzolino household is now a happy and thriving one and the family plan to adopt another Chinese baby soon.

In time, Bonnie began to wonder how she was going to approach Jillian Mei when the time came for her to explain about her natural mother and the end result is a wonderful and inspirational children's book called Letter of Love From China. Letter of Love From China helps children who are adopted understand that it is not because they are not wanted by their birth parents but because of extenuating circumstances that are out of their control. Bonnie approaches the subject delicately and with a tender touch and is a book that will serve as hope and inspiration for adopted children everywhere. If you would like to visit Bonnie's website, you can feel the love and dedication Bonnie has for little Jillian Mei who she will always consider her very own. You can visit her website at

And, Jillian Mei, when you grow up, I hope you understand that love is what it's all about. You have a good teacher.


  1. That book looks good. We have good friends who adopted a boy from Korea some years ago and I sent her an email with the link to your blog. I think she will check it out but she isn't always real fast at getting her email so it may be a few days.

  2. Oh thank you, Dick! Did you click on the link to her website? Wasn't that little girl singing the sweetest thing you ever heard?


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