Saturday, May 10, 2008

Playing Tourist on Seafood Festival Day

Just thought I'd take advantage of my no tours on the weekend rule (I was a genius when I came up with that rule) and post a few pictures of my daughter's and my jaunt through Chincoteague on Seafood Festival Day last Wednesday.

For those who don't know what the Seafood Festival Day is, compare it to dropping the ball in Times Square. It's a mostly local thing, but we have politicians among thousands of other seafood lovers cramming into a local campground called Tom's Cove for a fun-filled day of seafood, beer, political talks, beer, sunshine, beer, well you get the picture.

Now, we didn't actually go inside, but we did get some pictures...across the water...

What we did, being as it cost about $35 a head or more to get in, we drove over to Memorial Park and I zoomed the camera and actually didn't get a bad shot. could hear the music, too...way cool!

Here's another shot...

And the adventure only began!

Being as this is our first time actually living on the island, we decided to take in some good old tourist hot spots and headed toward Assateague Island where I got a few pics. Now, keep in mind this is only the first week of May and not quite swimming weather yet, but my daughter got out and walked around. Snapped these pictures...

Unbelievable how you could actually get out and not have to walk through people...perfect time of year to go to the beach...

Melissa standing in front of the waves rolling in...she said the water was COLD.

After leaving the beach, we walked down a trail which led to the Assateague Lighthouse which was actually erected in 1833. I only encountered two mosquitoes which I think set a record. Maybe it was the time of year, but in the summer, you better be wearing mosquito repellent.

Got some awesome pictures, though...

Nice, nice day. I don't know who had more fun...the people at the seafood festival or us, but one thing is for sure...we didn't have a hangover!

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  1. How fun, Dorothy! I miss the water!


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