Monday, May 5, 2008

Water, Water, Everywhere...

The BF and I were standing on our lower deck gazing at how the tide was really high despite the fact there were no storms in the area. The waterline had almost reached the top of my neighbor's dock and maybe about a foot from ours (our dock must be slightly higher than theirs).

The sun had just about gone over the horizon and we were talking about how if it's this high when the water is calm, what's it going to do when there's a little bit of rain or much worse, when a hurricane blows through here.

Of course, we started thinking about game plans and what we'd throw in the car when it does happen, getting all nervous because it really could happen. Once they close the bridge on the causeway, that's it brother. You're either stuck off on the island or stuck on.

The way our condo is set up, we are resting on huge stilts. Our bottom floor where the utility room and our storage room would get hit first. The game plan today is to pull everything out of the storage room while I had a day off and rearrange things, putting plastic containers at the bottom and piling the boxes on top. Our mini-freezer would have to be put up on cement blocks and that's if the water doesn't rise above 2 feet in our front yard.

I wish I took a picture, but it doesn't have to rain here. My neighbor's yard is always full of water simply because it drains out of something in the back...BF explained it but I don't really understand it. But, like he said, after all, we ARE living on an island and it comes with the territory.

So, BF goes back inside and I sit there looking at the waterline, thinking of things that would be top priority to load in the car if worse comes to worse. It's scary when you think about it because if there was a hurricane to blow by here which happens every year of course, we're either stuck on the second floor and praying we don't lose electricity or we play it smart and leave the island before we can't get off. This is our first year here and I don't know what to expect.

I asked the local cop if he ever had to evacuate the whole time he has been working here on the island and he said no, but that doesn't mean the roads don't get flooded (they do) or the causeway gets closed down (it does).

It's scary.

So, I get up this morning and I'm still thinking about how scary it is, then look what I see out my window. Is this the coolest thing or what???

That's our dock and this cutest red boat just goes gliding right by. It was huge compared to the other smaller boats that usually pass by. Here's another one:

I really need another camera. Anyway, what is this??? Here's another:

And one more...
So, the moral of this story is I guess you can't have your cake and eat it, too.


  1. awesome view! And it's not just the hurricanes. There are the tropical storms too. I can recall going to Ocean City's Inlet to watch the tropical storms or milder hurricanes roll in with the rest of the storm nuts. I'll be doing the same this year when I finally get moved here.

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  3. You live in the coolest spot. maybe, those are coast guard boats or just a fishing company fleet of boats.

  4. Hi Oopsie! You really have to stop by when you move...are you any closer to that happening?

    And hi Becky! I have no idea, but Coast Guard're going to think this is crazy but the Coast Guard station is just down the street from think?

  5. We normally don't get tugboats in our Marina. But, my hubby works for Burger Boat and they manufacture luxury yachts here - check out their website if you wanna see some gorgeous boats!, this is truly how the other half live. Hope you are doing well!

  6. Hi :)

    I also live on the Eastern Shore, so nice to have found you. I am going to add you to my blog roll

    Have a wonderful day, looks like the sun is coming up in Nassawadox, I had a hard time this morning taking my dog out wind, rain black clouds.....

  7. It looks a bit foggy there but the red of the tugboat sure shows up well. As to the camera, go to Costco and look into a good digital single lens reflex camera. I am partial to Nikon brand but any of them are pretty good. You can spend a lot or not too much. You would probably be better off getting something like a Nikon D60 and putting any extra money into buying an extra lens or two.


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