Monday, May 12, 2008

Storms, storms, storms

Last night, we had a scare. We had a tornado watch and the wind, rain and hail was coming down so fast, it was flooding the area. My daughter was off the island visiting a friend and I hadn't heard from her so I gave her cell a call. She answered it and was crying. "I'm on the causeway and I'm scared! Can't talk!" Click.

Well, my heart raced. I threw on my shoes, headed out the door and the boxes that I had left under the carport that was headed to the storage room the next day was becoming drenched, so I hurriedly threw them back into the house. After I did that, I flew upstairs to get my coat and was heading out the door when Melissa walked in. She was crying and all we did was hug. You can't tell me there aren't guardian angels.

She said the causeway was flooded and in town, you had to drive down the middle of Main Street. Trash cans were everywhere. On top of that, her back lights weren't working and she was terrified.

I got up this morning and it looked pretty normal. Water was standing in the front yard which wasn't unusual. I got this picture of two lone geese who were confused, thinking it was part of the channel I guess. But it looked like an ordinary morning...

Then, about two hours returned. I got some video footage I'll show you...

I'm serious, scary stuff and they're saying it's going to get worse tonight!


  1. Dorothy,
    Be safe and keep in touch

  2. Yikes, Dorothy! I'm thinking about you and those guardian angels. Stay safe...glad Melissa made it home across the causeway all right last night. Here's a hug!

  3. I guess just hole up in your cozy home and ride it out unless you are told to evacuate. I expect those kind of storms were taken into account when your building was designed and it will withstand whatever Mother Nature tosses your way. But it can be scary.

  4. Thanks, guys. The road is washing out in front of us...Melissa and I are alone, but we're okay. I'll take more video in a few minutes.


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