Sunday, July 20, 2008

Conversations From My Front Porch

"Anna, do you see the clouds over there? They're making shapes. Do you see them?"

"Where, Daddy?"

"Over there. I see a dog and a bear. Ohhh...I see a racoon."

Living in a tourist spot really gives me great fodder for blog posts. "Anna" and her daddy are visiting the couple next door. Not sure what the relationship is to them but they're obviously family or very very good friends to let them use their condo for a week.

It's a little after 9 p.m. The sun has just gone down and there's still a faint bit of blue left in the sky with some kind of ominous black cloud formation over in the distance. And the cool part about it is that there's lightning (can't hear the thunder) among the dog, bear and raccoon clouds.

Anna is a little girl of about 3, I think. I saw them walking earlier on our dock. I don't know if this is their first time or their millionth time, but they (along with other people renting out the other condos) love our dock, no trespassing sign and all.

It's okay. I'll share.

But I was sitting just now out on the deck and watching and listening. Little does dad next door know, but he's just made a memory for Anna. She'll look up at the sky one day with her kids and tell the same story. Maybe she'll remember coming to Chincoteague when she was but three years old and watching the clouds forming animal shapes with her dad on a beautiful summer night. Maybe she'll even write about it, much like I'm writing about it now.

Speaking of kids, I heard from Abraham's mother today! Rose filled me in with all that's going on in Floyd, Virginia, and wants me to come visit. The area sounds beautiful. She lives right in the mountains and has bears and everything. Life is good for them and they sure do deserve it after they have all been through. Abraham is cancer-free now and living life to its fullest. I can't help but to think their new life has something to do with it.

Life is great.


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  2. Thanks for the invite, Natasha! I will surely wander over there and see what kind of trouble I can get into. *smile*

  3. Your new area is beautiful and looks like it would be a good place to vacation to. When I was younger I used to think money spent on vacations would be wasted, that we were better off spending it on material things. But now as a retired over 60 person (actually I realized this much earlier) I find that I'd really have to search to find any of those material things bought while my kids were small, but the memories of vacations and trips with them are still just as fresh as they were the day they were made. That is real value for your money.

  4. Well said, Dick! I am loving traveling. I think we're going to make another trip over there in a couple of weeks. Pony Penning is coming up over here and there will be 30,000 people over here on this tiny island so I'm not planning on going anywhere until it's over. But, I love's money well spent even if you don't stay very long!


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