Monday, July 14, 2008

Get a FREE $500 Goodie Bag from Lisa Daily Today!

Get a goodie bag worth $500 today when you purchase one of the funnier beach books of the summer.

Fifteen Minutes of Shame, a novel from bestselling author Lisa Daily, is a romantic comedy about what happens when America’s favorite TV love guru finds out her husband is cheating – live, on national television.

Not only is the most humiliating moment of Darby Vaughn’s life splashed across every supermarket tabloid and celebrity gossip show, but fans are turning on her, and her love life is fodder for late-night comedians. If Darby breaks her own zero-tolerance policy for cheaters and takes her philandering husband back, her career will be over. But if she sticks to her own rules, she’ll lose the only man she’s ever loved.

Praise for Fifteen Minutes of Shame:

“A smart, hilariously funny gem of a book that will delight fans of Jennifer Weiner and Sophie Kinsella. It’s no surprise that one of Hollywood’s hottest screenwriters has snatched up rights to turn it into a movie.”
--Lisa McLeod, Buffalo News

“I’m not a gusher, unless I truly love something. But today I have to gush.”
--Kristi Gustafson, Albany Times-Union

“I was instantly hooked…had me laughing and cheering.”
-Clare Naylor, bestselling author of The First Assistant

To get the free $500 goody bag, purchase Fifteen Minutes of Shame before 12 midnight PST on Monday, July 14 at (where it’s currently bargain-priced around $10) and email your receipt to swagbag (at)

For a details and a complete listing of all the swag, which includes a free lip-plumping serum, free mineral makeup, free cellulite firming cream, a free T-Tapp exercise video download, a two-month subscription to, sneak peek chapters of not-yet-released books and lots of other goodies, check out

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  1. I ain't buying no lip-plump anti-cellulite non-fattener. No way.


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