Sunday, July 6, 2008

Guest Author: BOOMER BABE'S Maria Grazia Swan on Virtual Book Tour

I have a special guest for you today! Okay, she’s a boomer chick. I’m a boomer chick. She’s a relationship expert. I’m a relationship expert (well I am!). She writes about the exploits of boomer babes who talk about living life to its fullest. I live (or try to!) my life to its fullest. But, there’s one thing I envy about her. She’s got the inside secrets of boomer women divulging well, you know, INTIMATE secrets. Is that enough to make you want to run out and buy this book? No more are women of the certain age doing, thinking, acting like they did back in your grandma’s time! They’re vital, they’re still exploring and they know how to put love and LUST back into the bedroom (or anywhere!) where it belongs. I’m talking about the wonderfully talented author, Maria Swan, author of BOOMER BABES: TRUE TALES OF LOVE AND LUST IN THE LATER YEARS.

I’m telling you this book is hot, hot, hot!

And guess what…I got a chance to interview her! Is that cool or what? So, sit tight folks, you’re in for a treat. I give you Ms. Maria Swan…

Thank you for this interview, Maria. I’m so excited to have you here today. I have so many questions; I don’t know where to start. I guess we’ll begin with you telling everyone what exactly is BOOMER BABES: TRUE TALES OF LOVE AND LUST IN THE LATER YEARS all about?

Now, Dorothy, you know exactly what the book is about, Love and Lust, in my own neck of the woods, love+lust=fabulous sex, how about yours?

LOL! I love your sense of humor! Tell me, at what point did you say I'm going to write a book and give the juiciest details I can of about boomer chicks everywhere?

I already had the stories, at some point I figured out no one wants an How To that reminds them of 'paint by numbers' so I decided to go the 'show, don't tell route'. How is my show?

Oh, honey, I've read your book and it's fantastic!!! Okay, I have to ask…I already know, but for my boomers who read this blog, what kind of intimate things did you divulge in your book? And these were your friends’ secrets, am I right?

Yeah, 'were' is a good word choice. Some of my friends haven't read the book. They call and tell me they are coming to my next booksigning and I keep telling them, "Look, with the price of gas you ought to wait for a closer to home booksigning." I may have to move, how is the weather where you are?

LOL, hot, hot, hot! Did you use their real names and did they have a problem with that or did you use fake names to protect the innocent?

I used fake names. What innocents? Oh, you mean the totally guilt?

I am cracking up. You really should be a humor writer! Anyway, next have a group of friends who you get together with called Boomer Babes. Can you tell us how this started?

The group that gave me the original idea it's Body Buddies, georgeous women, boomers, long legs, long hair, long nails, probably have men with long...beards.I met them at a boutique gym, I know it sounds so snob. It is. So I started to work out with them and their leader, the Kathy Evenson-Howard chick I thank in my book. They welcomed me and got me in great shape, I still had to go and hunt my own prey, but it was great. I stop going there when I sold the book, not because of the women, but because I felt I needed to go undercover in case I became famous. LOL

How do you think women have evolved over the years, in your own experience talking to women of boomer chick age? Do you think they’re happier than say our mothers were at that age? Are they more adventuresome? Are they willing to settle?

The number one factor is this; today's women have their own money. That changes everything, including who gets on top...of the ladder, I mean.

*snicker* Tell it like it is, sister! But on the serious side, I so agree with you on this. I think the boomer generation has probably the highest amount of women who are self-sufficient than any other generation. Interesting, huh? Maria, I have to tell you, your book is the most enjoyable book I've had the pleasure of reading. What are your plans for the future? More boomer babe books?

I'm writing; Old Flames Burn Hottest-True Tales of Lovers Lost and Found. Actually, I'm soliciting true stories on the subject of Americans' new obsession, old lovers.

Really. How can people submit to this?

I can be reached through my website and we can take it from there! I’ll let you know if I get some great story.

Thank you for this interview, Maria, and good luck on the rest of your virtual book tour!

Marie: Thank you Dorothy, nice looking son you have. I looked at the birthday photos. By the way, have you heard of 'cougars'?

No, I haven't. What are they?

Cougars are the ‘older women’ also known as Boomers; they love chasing younger men like your son.

LOL, well, he is single! Bad Maria! I'll leave you on that note! You can visit Maria on the web at or purchase her book at fine bookstores everywhere!

Oh, stay tuned to Boomer Chick. Maria's going to give us a quiz on July 29 to see if you're a trailblazer, lover or diehard!

Also, don't forget to leave a comment for Maria below because guess what? Since we are taking part in Maria's virtual book tour, anyone who comments could win a virtual book tour for themselves or if they're not an author, they could win a $25 Amazon gift certificate! Is that cool or what? LEAVE A COMMENT PEOPLE! DON'T LET THIS OPPORTUNITY GO BY!


  1. Hi Maria! Good luck on your virtual book tour today! Get'em tiger!

  2. If the book is half as hilarious as this interview, then I'll buy it even if I am too young.

    Great interview ladies! Good luck with your tour Maria.



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