Monday, February 9, 2009

I don't mind change but don't take me off automatic pilot

I don't mind change. They can put up a super mall down the street and I am so there. They can build a new hotel next door and that's great as long as they don't block my view. Anything that boosts the island's economy and gives the locals as well as the tourists something to do, I am all over it.

So I really welcome change. takes me off automatic pilot and becomes one big annoying hassle.

I'm talking about computers. I've killed mine. Okay so I learned my lesson and will never download anything over the Internet again. I promise and I'm not crossing any fingers. But I've killed it.

Because my online business depends on being ONLINE, I didn't freak because my daughter has a brand new laptop that I've been meaning to use but just never had the time for it and I just figured that while my computer was in intensive care, I would borrow my daughter's.

You know how when you're a kid and there's this little girl who owned the best looking white shoe skates in all the world and you just wished for one minute, she'd say, "Here, you can try them."?

And then when you put them on, it was like a second pair of shoes and you were whizzing up and down the sidewalk until dark?

Well it was sorta like that only when you're older, sometimes what looks and sounds good isn't exactly the way it is.

Especially when you're busy and everything that was on automatic pilot...isn't.

Laptops are a whole different breed. No mouse and you have to use your finger and until you get used to it, you feel like your fingers have just run the marathon. I can see myself sleeping and my finger still twitching.

I'll tell you something else that is even more fun than that - cutting and pasting. Have you ever gone from a desk computer to a laptop for the first time and tried cutting and pasting? I have it now, but damn all the time I wasted trying to figure it out.

I'm not saying I'm not grateful because I am, but the kind of word this machine has really sucks. No fancy fonts and I have not figured out how to put something in a new doc if it wasn't in a doc in the first place. Cutting something from an email into a new doc, well, you can forget it.

And where's the noise? This thing is way too quiet.

So anyway, what would take fifteen minutes takes about an hour because none of my files are on here, no images, nothing. It puts new meaning into PITA and I'm not happy.

So I find out the prognosis of my machine tonight. He's on life support right now and I'll find out whether he's going to make it at 6 p.m., or at least an update.

I cannot wait.


  1. NO Mouse? OUCH! That's the only way a mouse is very, very welcome in the house, ya know -via a computer!
    I had a problem a while back where my computer would semi-freeze -actually, what it was that the mouse would disappear. Now, I know there are codes and such one can use to navigate the computer without a mouse but I don't know 'em. And I can't imagine trying to do a myriad of things, in a timely fashion, without having a mouse!
    Keep me on the damned auto-pilot too, Dorothy!

  2. We had a laptop, and I hated it. The keyboard was too small. There was no mouse. It frustrated the be-jaybers out me. Then I bought a full-size wireless keyboard and wireless mouse, and loaded the accompanying software. Problem solved. I sorta-kinda retro-fitted the little bugger into a big bugger.

  3. LOL, Don...sounds like your way is a good way to go if you have to resort to a laptop. I mean, they're convenient and you can use them anywhere but on automatic pilot I need my computer chair so believe it or not I'm sitting at my desk just like I would my computer.

  4. LOL, you too Jeni? Man this is a PITA!

  5. I agree with Don- you can connect a regular keyboard, mouse and monitor to the laptop. I'll use mine alone if it is just a short thing but if I'm going to be on it awhile, like on an RV trip, I always take at least a USB keyboard & mouse along to use. My laptop has a touch pad and I can't get very precise with it.

  6. I'm using my laptop now as I ride the train. What's frustrating sometimes is when I think a file is on here and it's on the desktop computer at home, or vice versa.

    You can get a mouse for the laptop, if you'll be using it a while. They're not that much. You can get one that works off the usb port or if you have blue tooth enabling you can get one of those.

    Good luck with your computer.
    Morgan Mandel

  7. Thanks, Morgan! I think if this was my laptop, I wouldn't be griping AS much because I could just download the files on here but I can't even access the files because they're all in the "shop" so to speak. I need to make a new blog post about the prognosis, don't I?

  8. Oh Dorothy, I'm so sorry about your computer but this is so funny! I can totally sympathize! I HATE cutting and pasting without a mouse. What a pain! I use a laptop, but with a mouse. I hate not using a mouse.
    What program did you download that it destroyed your computer?

  9. I wish I could remember, Mayra, but as soon as I find it again, I'll blast it all over the Internet. It was one of those free templates for bloggers websites. Grrr.

  10. There are wireless mouses available for PC's. Also, you can adjust the sensitivity of your touchpad so it doesn't skitter so. Not sure where to do that on a PC.

    I use an apple MacBook Pro as my main computer and it is a breeze to use. I have a wireless mouse which I use all the time, unless I'm in a remote location. Don't waste your time trying to use the touchpad unless your have to. The mice are inexpensive!

  11. LOL! You are too funny, Dorothy. And, yes, you can connect a mouse - a must on my laptop. Still, there's something about a desktop that is easier to use. But a laptop will do in a pinch. And I know what you mean about messing with your auto-pilot. Who needs to think about things you used to not have to think about?

  12. Oh Dorthy,
    You can get a mouse for it, i have one for mine, although i hardly ever use it. I have a brand new computer in my office that i hardly ever use. I like sitting in the comfort of my couch with the laptop in my lap, hence i think they call them laptop. I really have not found anything i can't do with my laptop that i can't do with the desktop. Well i don't do much anyway.
    Now tell me what sort of download did you do to make it go bad? Hope you get it fixed soon and cheap

  13. I can't think of the link but I know I'll cross its path again and blast it all over the Internet, but it was one of those free blogger template sites. I downloaded one of them that had a strange url..when-will-i-learn. But...woooohooo I'm on my computer now and it's working like brand new! My son is a genius. But..he doesn't come cheap unfortunately!

  14. I have recently gotten a laptop and I absolutely love it! I don't know if it's the fact I can use it in the kitchen or sitting in bed or what, but I haven't used my desktop since. The mouse issue did have to be solved though! I picked up a wireless with the adaptor that plugs into the USB port for about $13 at Big Lots. It works great! Goodluck getting your computer back!

  15. I know that no one wants to deal with this because of so many files and applications that one has had over the years in the PC format, however, a MAC has few if any assholes that program viruses for it, and I myself have to completely backup all my work every 3 months and have a friend reinstall Windows to wipe the hard drive clean of not just viruses, but malware, pop up bypasses, and a host of shit that slows my very powerful custom made computer down. MAC users do not have these problems, but all machines break down.........I feel your pain my good friend!
    -Nick Oliva


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