Saturday, February 28, 2009

What's Your Secret Place?

I think I've got the crud. Not real sure, but it's pointing in that direction. I was feeling really shitty all day long, so about 7 p.m., I lied down on the couch and somewhere around that time, American Idol Rewind came on and I fell asleep.

I got back up about 11:30 just about when my daughter came home from work. I decided to try to do more tour stuff, then go on back to bed, but a blog post idea came to me after I "friended" Ryan Seacrest on Twitter, then found out I forgot to "friend" CNN, my most favorite television show of all time right behind American Idol. Somehow that's like comparing oranges to apples, but anyway, I came upon this site.

When I feel better, maybe I'll send something in to them, but it made me think in my pre-sick delusional state, of just what my secret place really was. Was it one place? A combination of many places?

After visiting the Smoky Mountains several years in a row, I decided that was the place where when I died, I wanted my ashes to be spred, so if I had to pick a favorite place, a secret place, it would be right here...

My daughter and son knows all about this particular secret spot and it wouldn't be hard to find at all. There's a certain cabin in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. Go outside on the deck with the hot tub, look toward the uhh east maybe, well off the deck anyway, and that's the spot.

I could go on and on about this spot but I'm fading fast and need to go on back to bed.

Do you have a secret spot? If you blog about it, leave the link in your comments so we all can go take a peek!

Bon soir, my boomer friends...


  1. My secret place would be where it's just warm enough to walk around without a sweater or jacket, with a gentle breeze blowing, birds singing, flowers blooming, and the smell of new mowed grass. Okay, you caught me. I'm thinking of Spring. Is it realy going to happen or is it just an elusion?

    Morgan Mandel

  2. I know exactly where you are talking about. Well, maybe not EXACTLY, but I used to hike those mountains and I loved them! I miss trees and mountains. Up here it is flat and lots of farm land. There is one spot I found though, near an old mill that is in the woods next to a small river that I love to go and just sit. For now it will have to do as my favorite spot.

  3. When I was lying down in my semi-delusional stage (I'm getting or have gotten something), that's what I was envisioning as I was nodding off. Spring. I was in my grandmother's house. The few years between the time my aunt dropped us off there and my teenage years, they were the best. My grandmother lived in a little house in the country sort of. When it was warm enough to open the windows, she had these trees with blooms that were out of this world. I could write stories about those years.

  4. My secret place is right where I am now, in my office (when no one is around) and I can look out the window at the snow capped mountains.


  5. Oh Marilyn, that sounds so beautiful!

  6. Wow Dorothy, what a great topic. I have a secret place I have never visited. I might have to blog about it later this week if I feel a bit of inspiration coming my way. Of course it would have to include castles and maybe a Highlander willing to do my evil... I mean well intentioned bidding. ;)

  7. You're not planning on going anytime soon I hope!! I originally told my wife to spread them in Yosemite's Glacier Point, then Big Sur, now I'd settle for a concrete base for a stripper's pole...


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