Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My Feng Shui is Off Balance

Okay, so BF has left again. He plays these disappearing acts all the time. I get to the point that when he says he's leaving, I just keep watching television like he didn't say anything. He packs up his stuff and I'm sitting there laughing at Golden Girls. He storms out of the driveway and I switch over to Orange County Housewives, or whatever the show is called. And then I go upstairs and work on my tours.

BF and I have had a strange kind of relationship for the past 13 years. We're more or less what I would call best friends.

Now, BF and my daughter are from different planets. And they're both warring planets at that. They hate each other more than I hate it when Max indoctrinates my kitchen chair legs in the middle of the night (like I didn't know who did it). So the reason why he left was because he broke the cardinal rule that he can't come into the house when I'm not home and I called him on it. So, he huffs and puffs and says he's going to a hotel.

Anyway, you would think I'd be a little upset, and maybe I am a little just because I don't know if he's dead or alive. I would presume someone would have told me by now, but still.

So the first night he's gone, I sleep like a baby. When my eyes popped open, the first words out of my mouth was "no doom" which meant I was okay with everything and the first thing I did was rearrange the room. You know, out with the old sort of thing.

I moved the bed caddy-cornered this time as I've never had it like that yet. It looked great from the door. The new bedspread was put back on the bed and it was really looking nice.

Well, I kept waking up. Max kept hogging the bed and Cassie kept me up with her snoring. I don't know if that was what was waking me up but I tossed and turned all night.

The next night, last night, I tried it again. Same thing. Got up at 2 a.m., ate a sandwich and went back to bed thinking maybe I was hungry or something (damn diets).

I told my daughter that something was obviously wrong. Was it bad feng shui to have the bed caddy-cornered? I wasn't dizzy, just felt "off balance." Something was definitely wrong. Could it be the window now wasn't behind me, but to my left? Feng shui experts, help!

I decided maybe the room needed a change. I went to Wally World and bought a fake bamboo tree, put lights on it and sat it in one of the corners. I mean, this room is really looking great.

So, we'll see, but if there are any feng shui experts out there, what in the heck am I doing wrong?


  1. I'm a little confused here -but that's nothing new as I tend to stay in a confused frame of mind most of the time. But, why -if BF was living with you -did you have that cardinal rule that he couldn't go in unless you were at home too? Just wondering, that's all.

  2. LOL, it would be confusing. When he came back the last time, because it was over my daughter and him not getting along why he left the last time, I told him he could stay there when I was there and not to walk in the house with my daughter there alone. I didn't want him killed, lol..I kid you not. He paid no bills so technically he was just "visiting living." I know I've confused you even more, haven't I?

  3. Hi, Dorothy :)

    Found my way over here from Patty's blog and I have to say, I enjoy your writing!

    I can SO relate to the in-out-in-out relationship. I just outed mine for what I think is the last time. One HUGE sign for me that the relationship wasn't working really hasn't been that difficult to say goodbye.

    Maybe because we've done it so much, and the wounds don't cut as deep? Maybe because I have thick scartissue now, where he is concerned? Either way, I sleep better now.

    Except for the occasional weirdness that came with Menopause. LOL

    On the Feng Shui thing, it's actually not good to have your bed at the base of a window, or facing a door or mirror. It messes with your Chi. Not knowing the directions of the room and all that, I don't know how else to advise you except check out some good sites on line, get your Bagua Map out, and see what's what :)

  4. Thanks for the comment, Grace! The last place I had my bed was under the window and facing the door. I slept okay. Nothing spectacular but it wasn't as bad as it is now. So if you walk into the room, the window is straight ahead on the back wall and the bed is not under it anymore but off to the left caddy-cornered. What I see when I wake up is a weird other words, it's a closet, then the wall is cut kinda funny shaped and that's where I have my dresser and the TV is in front of the closet. I would think it was the weird wall, but then that's what I was directly facing the other way...this time it's kinda off to my right but it's still the first thing I see. I think the bamboo tree definitely helped. I'm thinking maybe it has to do with getting everything out of the room that reminds me of him?

  5. I'm just catching up on your blog and I didn't realize BF was back and then gone again. I thought he was gone for good. Anyway, how ironic, I'm just 4 hours from the OC and I decided I'd rather watch the NYC Housewives - they seem to have more substance than my OC. Sad to say but so true. But the real OC housewives aren't like that - okay, maybe just a little bit. :)

  6. Thanks for stopping by, Kathy! Well, I guess my blog needs updating to let you all know the latest, but he's never really been back completely. On again off again, but mainly just for a place to stay until he can find his own place. I love both OC and NYC Housewives, as flaky as they both are, lol.


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