Thursday, June 18, 2009

I Choose Love II

Beautiful, beautiful...

How is everyone's morning? It's rainy and blowy and crappy here on the island. We've got a new set of "neighbors" who've been here all week but I overheard them telling someone they are leaving Friday (which is tomorrow...yaaaay!).

Like I've said before, I really don't mind tourists, but when they are NEXT door and that next door is only a few yards away, it feels a bit nauseating cramped.

This set was a little different from last week. Last week it was a bunch of overstuffed men with fishing poles joined at the hip who liked to party in the carport until wee hours of the morning. Actually I'm over exaggerating to make my point but when you leave your beer boxes in my yard, it's time they left.

This set was more family oriented. I pulled up from work and they pulled in right beside me. I know it must have been 15 of them. "We're renting this. Can we pull up in here?" Uh, no, the parking lot is 3 miles down the road.

So, I try to ignore the situation and change my clothes into something cooler and light the barbecue grill. I can feel people staring. I know the sounds. They were peering at me with their beady little eyes out the back door. I know, I have the same back door and I know the sounds.

My hamburgers and hot dogs are done but I've put my claim to the land. This is mine. Not yours. So, they're like inside most of the time that night except for an occasional jaunt to their cars for something.

The next day even they're not bad. They see the kids' father's boat docked on one side of the dock and my other neighbor's boat docked on the other side of the boat and, get this, this is ex and my neighbor both went out and bought PRIVATE signs and put them up on the dock. Now, here's the thing. The new tourists can really go out on any dock they want...there's four of them but the general rule is that we four in this set of condos use the dock out my front door. So in order to get to the dock, they must walk down the little sidewalk, through my carport and down a wooden planked walkway, across the road and then they're at the dock they're supposed to be. Well I guess all these PRIVATE signs worked as the tourists decided to use the dock at the far left which was meant for the other set of 4 condos, but I didn't say a word. In fact, we had a good laugh over it. Guess you had to be there.

Why do all families have at least one obnoxious kid? It's a little girl. A little pudgy little girl who is on vacation and thinks she can be as loud as she wants and say what she wants. Of course, the dogs hearing any unusually loud anything will go off and go off they did. Melissa yells, "Shut up, Max!" and the little girl mocks her. Don't you hate that?

Anyway, they leave tomorrow and according to the weather we've had since they've been here, I'm figuring they didn't have much luck with fishing or going to the beach and are ready to go home. We have another set coming in on Saturday I think. For a whoooooole week. Groan...

We don't get any reprieve until August. All of July is full so this ought to be for an interesting summer.

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  1. At least you only have a couple months of it. Out here, we get winters full of what we call "Snowbirds." Sure, they help the local economy, but they have a propensity for tooling around in their RV's, clogging surface streets and freeways.

    Any they stay for months at a time. As a result, we have a local favorite bumper sticker that reads "Welcome to Arizona. Now go home."

    We're not NorthEast rude out here, but the traffic jams will suck the soul right out of ya!

  2. Love the bumper sticker. We have a bumper sticker that says "Mosquitoes - Virginia's State Bird," lol.

  3. I've been one of those Arizona Snowbirds and know that there are many places in AZ that would not survive without those Snowbirds & the money they bring without requiring a job that is taken away from the locals. It sounds to me like the owners of the condo next to you need to leave a better description for their renters of what goes with the rent. Most places I've stayed like that do.

    The mountain picture that I saw on the U-Tube clip is of Washington State's Mount Rainier. By the way, the Snowbirds flock to AZ in the winter but in the summer, the Arizona people flock up here to clog our streets & highways as reverse Snowbirds, to get away from the heat. I guess it is a two way street.


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