Sunday, December 17, 2017

December 17 2017: Embracing Winter Like a Trooper

So instead of winter coming in like a lamb, it roared in like a lion. We've had snow flurries and it actually did stick to cars for a little while but then melted. I used to hate winter with a passion. I'm a summer baby. Whenever cold frigid air hits, I'm down for the count so I try not to get out in it too much. You can't help it with the Christmas season here and you have to finish your gift-giving responsibilities, but dang last night it hit me. Started out with a sore throat but I took an Alke-Seltzer Cold & Flu pill...actually it was dissolved in water...and slept like a baby. Highly recommended.

I think I'm all decorated. Put up a few finishing touches last night - added the lighted garland to the back steps, plopped some batteries in the little wreath I put on the back door and turned that on. I guess I'm through buying anything else to decorate with.

But back to being a summer baby and hating winter. Last year, I tried something. I decided to embrace winter instead of dreading it. And you know - it worked (mentally). I had a bad bad case of winteritis before, you have to understand. So I'm really proud of myself for being able to switch gears and appreciate the seasons for what it was. I can't live in Florida or Arizona so it is what it is.

But you know, that was the best thing I ever did for myself. I live in an all-season area and have been missing out on the beauty of it all. Instead of closing my eyes when winter rolls around, I see the patterns the frost makes on the car windows. I watch how the weather has an effect on my summer plants (a slow murder). I am able to observe the ways the leaves change color and drop and you can admire the nakedness of the trees knowing in a few months they'll be full again. I now feel the crunch of frost on the grass and I love that feeling you get when you walk back into a warm house after a stroll in the crisp air.

One thing I do every day except for when it's too cold or raining is take Booder down to get the mail. I put his hoodie and coat on and let him do his thing in the yard, then we make the trek down to the mailbox. It's our daily walk, but it has spiritual connotations like you wouldn't believe. Just Booder and me. Sometimes the elderly neighbor is out and if it's warm enough, we stop and have a chat. He's a cool dude I'm telling you and when I grow up I want to be just like him. He's in his 80s and is as spry as anything you can think of. He's our neighborhood eyes. He sees all; knows all. He was one of the first people to move into these townhouses so he knows a lot of what goes on and takes great pleasure in telling me all about it which I devour like Cheez Whiz sandwiches. I love him.

Back to winter, though, the only thing that would make me hate winter again is if we had nonstop snow or the lights went out because of it or my heat pump went up. And of course I'm writing this in December which means we've only gotten a taste of winter so it's still all brand new so we'll see how this embracing thing goes.

But for now...I'm embracing winter and feeling really blessed I am able to do it.

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  1. Enjoy the winter and the beautiful scenery hopefully you will be warm enough.


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