Saturday, August 6, 2005

Clear Channel Radio: Call Me Back!!!

I had a really rather interesting day yesterday. I blew a chance to have a radio appearance on a show that receives a million listeners. Now, you have to keep in mind you have landed on this blog because I'm over the hill, well not exactly, maybe on top of the hill. Yeah, that's it. I'm on top of the hill and I'd like to think I had a choice whether to take that leap down or stay there at the top for awhile because there's no going back down that hill. My poor old feet couldn't take it. Anyway, cripes, I'm sounding like I'm ready for the nursing home.

Back to what I was talking about (another thing about being over the hill is you lose track of what you were talking about and in a lot of cases you forget altogether or you start sounding like you have completely lost your senses as I'm doing right now), I received an email from some radio show telling me to get in touch with them ASAP. WELL. For one thing, ASAP isn't in my vocabulary and another thing it really looked like spam to me.

So what did I do but email them back asking them for more information. No response.

I went about my daily routine, never giving the weird email another thought when I thought I'd sit down and listen to the messages on my answering machine. Okay, another fault of mine is that I hate the phone. It rings and I'm busy so I ignore it. Days later, I find out it's a friend who has been desperately trying to get up with me. Okay. I email her and apologize.

So, I don't even know what possessed me to do it, but I decided what the heck let's see what kind of messages that have been sent to me for the past week. No kidding. I haven't checked it for one week. Like I said, I hate the phone.

That's when I find a message from the producer of Clear Channel Radio. Seems they had a cancellation and wanted me as a replacement. Well, I decided to do my homework and looked up Clear Channel Radio on the internet and I was floored. Their listener base? A million listeners. Holy shit. This was a big one and because I hadn't checked my messages, they found a replacement for ME.

I raced to the computer and emailed the producer, apologizing profusely (and kicking myself in the derriere in the meantime).

He replied saying that once a month they schedule relationship experts and would I be interested in a future interview?

Can we say hell yeah?

So, that's my interesting day I had yesterday. Little ol' me was wanted by a HUGE radio station. And I blew it. All because I hate the telephone. Ain't that something to tell the grandkids.


  1. So wait, he does want you for a future relationships interview, right? Kind of as a consolation prize for not answering the phone?

    Or was that an opportunity missed as well.

    I never ever pick up my messages. And the moment my husband walks in the door he plays them at high volume (so that I can overhear them?), shaking his head all the while. Silly woman. Doesn't even know how to touch this little button just here at the base of the phone.

  2. Hi Suisan! I think so. At least that's what he said. IF you put them in google, man, they are huge. He was really nice and seemed really interested. When I emailed him, I asked him how he found me, it's not like I'm famous or anything. LOL, and you don't check your messages either? Such a bother isn't it. And I suppose I still haven't learned my lesson because I haven't even checked them today. Some people will never learn...*grin*

  3. Well I live my life thinking that if someone really wants to get in touch, then they'll try again later.

    But I'm sure there's a flawed bit in that theory. I'm just not too motivated to ferret it out.

  4. Well he emailed me back and answered my question about where he found me. He said I sent my press release to him in July. The only "press release" I know of that went out in the month of July was my "ad" that I sent to various radio stations requesting interviews. He also said that he'd get back with me in a few days to set up another interview and apologized for the late notice on the other one. He really sounds like a nice person. Hope this works out. Really looking forward to it.

  5. Congrats, Dorothy! This sounds like a great opportunity and am so glad you'll get another chance.

    I've come to ignore the phone because living in snowbird territory we get so many wrong numbers. People come down here, get a phone number, leave but don't tell their creditors, their friends, etc. And nobody believes we're not them. So I don't answer the phone unless caller ID tells me it's actually for me.

  6. Thank is quite an accomplishment. Congrats and good luck with the future show. You'll do marvelously. All you have to do is start checking your messages. :)

  7. Oh, Dorothy! That's good news, really, though. You'll be featured next time! Congrats!

  8. Thanks, Melanie! I've got really great news to share in my next post. Stay tuned!


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