Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Radio Interview Tomorrow!

Yours truly has a special announcement! Tomorrow morning, at 5 a.m, EST, I will be appearing on 850 KOA-Am (Clear Channel Radio) to discuss my book, "Romancing the Soul." This show will air in 38 states, Canada and Mexico, so if you're near a radio, tune in!


  1. Thanks! It went pretty well...still trying to keep my eyes open as I never went back to bed. I keep checking stats every five minutes to see if it made any difference. But it sure was fun once I got over the scared-to-death thing!

  2. Ah, silly me, I was looking for it on Friday. Sorry I missed it!

  3. That's okay! You can catch the one on the 24th. It's on a Saturday at about 4:00 our time. You can hear it on the web and it will be archived. That'll be neat 'cause then I can put the link on my website. Of course, I'll have to put up with about 3 or 4 days of stomach ailments before then but once it's over, I'm okay.


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