Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Marianne Mancusi Made My Night

Okay, you perverts, it's not what you think...sheesh.

Read on...

Just got back from one of my mini-vacations and I just have to tell you one of the highlights of my trip was reading part of Marianne Mancusi's "A Connecticut Fashionista in King Arthur's Court." This book is surely going to be a movie one day, just watch and see.

We had checked into the hotel room and ran downstairs to do a little gambling. I was tired and went back to my room early, leaving BF to fend for himself on the machines (not that he minded this one bit!).

I had brought along a few paperbacks, being as I'm not fortunate enough to own a laptop or that's where I'd be - checking email, and Marianne's book was the chosen one to while away the hour or two before I hopped into bed.

Well, I couldn't stop reading. This book is sooooo cute. The protag has this cute NY-type attitude and while I don't laugh at things in books ordinarily, I laughed OUT LOUD three separate times and I'm only on page 49. This book is hilarious. I love the concept, the writing, everything. Very different and quite a pleasure to read.

But, you know, it really gave me the umph to get back into this new book I'm writing and that is a very good thing. I really should be revising book #2, but I'm dying to get more written in book #3. I'm on page 79, which isn't too bad. I'm in no hurry...gotta concentrate on the other books first anyway.

So, anyway, I'm glad to be back home, except I have to get back to work...GROAN....but I want to thank Marianne for last night...it was wonderful! *grin*


  1. Dorothy - you are such a scream!

    But that's exactly what "A Change of Face" did for me - got me all excited about my own writing because I sense a similarity in our writing style. But my wip is insisting on being a chick lit/hen lit mystery/suspense. And I'm having a blast with it!

  2. I love books that make me laugh and also hold me on the edge of my seat just waiting to see what happens. You turn the page not because of the suspense or the plot but because you absolutely love the characters.

  3. Kathy - The one thing that gives me joy is when I get back to a wip with more vigor and zest than before...keep writing!

    Jenny - Oh, I am the same way!!! Keep me laughing and I'll keep reading, no matter what!

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  5. Sorry, no spamming on my darn blog! You're HISTORY!


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