Saturday, August 13, 2005

Feet, Feet, and Then More Feet

Has anyone ever, after working hard on your feet for eight hours straight, sat down and really got a good look at them afterwards? What makes those blue veins stick out like they do? I mean, it's horrible. I could put these feet in the next Stephen King movie and make a mint.

I went to the web to find a foot picture to show you what they look like as I have yet to learn how to download pictures from my camera to the computer, and I came across some really neat pictures of feet on the web that I'd like to share with you and perhaps give you my psychoanylisis (okay, spelling isn't my strong point) of just whose feet they belong to.

Okay, here's one interesting picture of feet:

Okay, this is a picture of someone whose just been shoveling dog poop all day. Note the poop stains. Gonna take a good scrubbing to get those puppies clean.

Okay, what was this person thinking? Gotta be another way to hide that toe fungus.

Ahhh...I just knew I'd find a before picture.


One too many laps in the pool?

Ahhh...happy feet.

Incredible Hulk feet.

Now that you've become an expert on feet, here's a test for you. If you can identify whose feet are down below, I'll send you a free copy of my ebook, "How to Find and Keep Your Soul Mate," which absolutely has nothing to do with feet but hey what do you expect from a stupid foot quiz? Okay, here's the pic and leave your comment below. The first person who gets it right gets the ebook, absolutely free with no strings attached. Hey, I'm bored. Humor me.

Okay, here's the pic (remember it has to be EXACTLY right):

Good luck! Now, I'm going to go prop these tired old feet up...have fun!


  1. Okay, I give up. It's not a two toed sloth or a cassowary missing a toe. It's not a camel tho it might be a llama but not sure. Have to go to sleep and think on it!

  2. Catherine, it IS a llama! You win the ebook! Send me your email address and I'll whip it out to you. *CONGRATULATIONS*


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