Sunday, September 11, 2005

Interesting Day at Work...

I had an interesting day today. For those that aren't on the up-and-up on what I do besides write, revise, send off to agents, pray (in that order), I also wait on tables. Yah, yah. It's not the most prestigious job in the world, but I use those little pitiful tips to pay for that roof over my head and those cartons of cigs that I must buy (yeah, I must!). So, it does come in handy.

It was a reaaaally slow day. The tourists have left Pony Capital of the World and must be saving that precious gas for those trips to the real vacation spots, like Walmart. You think I'm kidding? My Walmart has everything you could ever want in a vacation spot, plus a hotel across the street in case you want to get back up, save that gas and visit again! Tres politically-gas correct.

Anyway, it was real slow and boring and I had already had twenty-thousand smoke breaks, plus cleaned my car, washed the windows and all that jazz when I got a little surprise.

A couple walked in and it was a guy and a girl who I had gone to school with! It was so neat seeing them again.

We talked about what each other was up to and all that and they were surprised I had a book out. I wrote my website down on a napkin (why don't I ever remember to take my business cards to work with me????), but it made me realize what potential there was promoting in my old neck of the woods...old schools, family I haven't seen for years, friends who would be surprised I had reached my dreams...all that good ol' stuff.

Well, that was the highlight of my day. Seeing them reminded me how far I had come and actually it's one of the internal conflicts in my hen lit book. Going back, fixing things and showing those who thought we'd never make it that we can not only make it, but succeed at it.

I'm not there, by no long shot, but this one incidence reminded me of just how hard I've been working the past few years and what I've got to show for it. Maybe one day I can quit my job waiting tables, but sometimes you just don't know who you'll wait on and it makes it a little more bearable. Or is it barable? EEK. And I call myself a writer.

Speaking of my book, I sent off two more queries to agents today. Someone's bound to bite sooner or later, I hope. Meanwhile, it's back to proofing in case they do.....hi ho....hi ho.........


  1. Dorothy, I love this blog entry - the graphics, the story and how it all ties into your hen lit - which I love, BTW. It's going to be a big hit!

  2. Awww...can I give you a cyber-hug???? *sniff sniff*


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