Monday, September 5, 2005

Is God Responsible for Katrina or Do We Have Only Ourselves to Blame?

I was up early this morning - trying to figure out how to send a query to an agent who has set her spam filter up so high that I couldn't get through. Ah...internet...nothing like it.

After four tries, I gave up and went a'blogging and landed on Patricia Arnold's blog, No-Drama Queen's Blog and it was her last entry that really made me think of something.

Her entry addressed the issue that people are saying that "God sent Katrina to punish America for something or another; but no one has said specifically why Bible Belt states such as Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama were selected as sacrificial lambs. Most who live there believe that God punishes the innocent to show the rest of us the power of His wrath. It's a warning, they say, an opportunity for us to change our behavior."

Are they loco? That's the trouble with the world. They want to pass the buck off to someone else, but have they considered the idea that maybe it was themselves that are to blame?

Global Warming. We've all heard about it and know what it is so I won't go into that, but have you stopped and thought for a minute why these storms start in the first place? This was no ordinary storm. This was The Perfect Storm and may go down in history as the worst storm ever to hit the United States. EVER. And the chilling part of all...the hurricane season is only beginning.

God gave us this beautiful world and left it in our hands after that. We didn't know what to do with it, so we tilled it, multiplied and replenished the earth with our bounties and offspring to carry on and on until the earth became thriving with vegetation and population. And what happened thousands of years later? It has gotten to the point where man is killing the earth. The ozone layer is thinning which means more sun and radiation filters through, making the world warmer and warmer each year. That means the waters, also, are getting warmer as each year goes by. And what happens then? Catastrophic storms of huge proportions that even the common man couldn't fathom. And we just experienced it.

So, don't blame God. Don't blame anyone but yourself. My fears are this is only the beginning and the worse is yet to come.


  1. I have noticed that even Bush has quit using the antiquated: Act of God and now said Act of Mother Nature. Who is to blame? Mother Nature. Why? 'Cause some wave off of Africa got to traveling and picked up some speed disappeared in the Ocean and was born into Katrina. Now, who is to blame that New Orleans couldn't handle the floods? Proably a lot of government and business decisions in a desire to make more money and 30 percent of the residents of New Orleans gained nothing from those economic decisions and they still live below the poverty level. Maybe the cause was greed and avarice on the part of the business and government decision makers. I do know that spending 15 billion dollars 8 years ago after the study by Bill Clinton would have saved 100 billion and thousands of lives but then he couldn't be re-elected and we are suffering from choosing a war-mongering republican who is now smirking about his fun days when he could get drunk and go to N'awlins from Houston with his buds to have a Bud. Well George this Bud is for you!

  2. It's not even an act of nature, it's an act of mankind. Nature has a big say in it, but mankind can change nature's direction which they have done. Someone even suggested that when we find out a tropical depression is brewing, fly over and throw some dry ice or something into it to cool the waters down. I don't know if that can be done, but with all this technology, you would think we could have some kind of control, huh.


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