Monday, September 26, 2005

Romancing the Soul Breaks Record in Amazon Rankings

Last night, RTS broke its' record of 76,707 on July 19, '05 for a new record high of 55,933! Woo-hoo!

As always, I try to figure out what happened to change the rankings and the only thing I can contribute it to is the Single Talk Radio Show that aired two days ago, plus the press releases I sent out to announce it. Which goes to show me that as long as I keep promoting this book, it'll sell.

After the show, I watched not only my Amazon stats, but my website and blog stats as well. My website showed no real increase, which really surprised me and I figured that the radio show wasn't going to make much difference in whether my book was going to sell or not. My blog always has good traffic, but that didn't receive any significant change.

I looked at the overall picture of both the website and blog and noticed that most of the hits were at the beginning of the month and that they were very significant. What happened at the beginning of the month to cause an increase of hits?

Well, I looked into my log and I discovered what happened.

The press releases to announce the show went out at the first of the month!

This happened to me the last time I noticed a significant change in my Amazon rankings, too. So, for me anyway, press releases seem to be what is moving this book. Interesting, huh?

The most amusing thing about this is, I sent the announcement of this radio show appearance to six free press release sites, which didn't cost me a thing.

On September 22, two days before the show, I did pay at, simply because I like to watch the stats on how many in the media pick it up. Since then, which was four days ago, I've had 86,974 people read the release, 258 members of the media have picked it up, and there have been 8 people who actually printed it out. Cool, eh?

It's interesting to see how your book moves and since there's no other way of telling short of emailing my publisher to see how it is doing on her end, this is the only way I know of to know whether my promotional efforts are paying off. So, what I've learned is to keep those press releases coming. I'll be having a new one come out to announce my new soul mate advice website in another week, so I'll keep you informed. Bottom line, it's up to you to keep your book moving. If you don't do anything to promote, the book will die. And after all the hard work we've put into it, we can't let that happen!

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