Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Spring Cleaning at the Thompson Residence

Spring cleaning has arrived and the first stop was my new website at www.soulmatequeen.com. Stop by and have a look around!

On the homefront, this place is the pits. I mean, it gives new meaning to living on skid row or redneck row or piece of shit row.

I hate it.

Don't you hate it even more when the more you clean, it still doesn't look any better?

I was outside yesterday trying to give a professional assessment (sp?) of my backyard. New Orleans has nothing on this place. It is freaking trashed.

The swing is laying on its side (northeaster blew it over and everyone around here is too lazy to set it up right), the fences are all down (again, northeaster) and the pool looks like something Linda Blair would have spit out of her mouth in the Exorcist. I'd like to excorcise this place, I'll tell you that.

I took a deep breath (which is an awful thing to do in front of a chicken rendering plant and a busy highway) and began.

I started bailing water out of the pool. When that got tedious, I started on my vegetable garden that BF SPRAYED WITH WEED KILLER. I'll never forgive him for that.

Actually, once I got all the old grass up and started chopping the earth up, it looked pretty good but I'm still not sure how long I'll have to wait to put new plants in just in case the insecticide is still lingering around.

I've started flower and vegetable seeds in flats and they're just starting to come up so I'll probably have more time before they have to be transplanted.

And...that's about all I did.

I just couldn't bear to look at my backyard any longer. Too much work. New fence to be bought and a pool has to be completely emptied, cleaned and filled up again.

Nope, too much work for me.

I went back inside and thought I'd start right in, but then, I thought, no one lifts their finger around here besides me, so what's the use.

So I got back on the computer.

But it did make me really come to terms with wanting to move. I know each place is going to have the same troubles with me the only one around here that does anything about this mess, but I'd sure like to start over with a clean slate. A new backyard that doesn't have chicken fumes floating past your nose or exhaust from the cars just yards from the front of my house.

Yeah, I need a change. A BIG change.


  1. Go for it, girlfriend! It'll do you a world of good. :)

  2. I don't do yard work. I told my dh that before we got married. That's okay because he loves yard work. My backyard was pit when we moved in here but a year later he got it looking awesome. He's one of those people who can't sit still and he isn't content unless he has a diy project. It is exhausting to live with but the results are sure nice.


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