Sunday, April 9, 2006

The Writer's Life.Net is One of Writer's Digest Top 101 Websites!

Thanks to Kathy Holmes, my dear internet friend, I just found out that my writing website, The Writer's Life, just got into this year's edition of Writer's Digest 101 Websites!

I thank them for this honor, but I have to ask. Why?

LOL, don't mean to be facetious, but it's the one thing I haven't worked on in ages and, in fact, was thinking about letting go! Let this be a lesson to all of us. Stop working so hard on something and you'll hit pay dirt.

Seriously, I AM really honored. The website made it into Writer's Digest Magazine a few years back, and it was the same similar situation...I hadn't updated it in months. It's like the guys who are in charge really want to shock you enough so that you'll give it the attention it deserves. Knock yourself out on something and no one will give you the time of day, but someone comes a'calling when you haven't cleaned house and whammo bammo, it gets national attention.

Go figure. But, it is nice. Thank you, Writer's not only do I have a real house to clean, but on top of a million other things I have to do online, I've got to go over there and redecorate. Clean out the spiderwebs hanging in the corners and make it look nice.

Of course, I know once I do that, I'll jinx the place. Better to leave the cobwebs alone...the place seems to be doing fine just as it is. ;o)


  1. Congratulations! And you asked a question on my blog a while back and I wanted to answer...I am an advertising editor for a major retailer and my husband is a 6-color pressman for a small printing company. And remember...real estate prices are a lot lower in Texas than other areas of the country...thank God!!!

  2. Love the graphic of the sign, Dorothy! I enjoy your pics on your blog - makes for a really nice, cozy look and feel.

  3. That's so exciting about your blog! Sometimes validation comes at the most curious times. Well deserved. It's a great site!



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