Sunday, June 4, 2006

Boomer Chick's Blog of the Week Award

This week, the proud winner of the Boomer Chick's Blog of the Week Award goes to Vixen's View at I just love Vixen's blog. I love her attitude and I can't think of anyone who could deserve the award better! Congratulations, Vixen!


  1. Oh wow, Dorothy, thank you! I'm so shocked I honestly can't say anything else but thank you! LOL :)


  2. Vixen is a good choice. She has been experimenting with the look & host of her blog and each change has seemed to be for the better. Plus, her posts are fun & interesting to read!

  3. Thank you, Dick! I really like my new setup. Much better than what I was paying for with typepad.

    Dorothy, I have the award on my front page, linked back to you. Again, thank you. :)

  4. Wow, thanks, Vixen! It sure does look right spiffy if it's right at home!

  5. I adore Vixen! And not just because we live in the same town. lol


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