Tuesday, June 27, 2006

She Works Hard for the Money

Summer is officially here. I know, I know...it's been here for a few weeks now, but summer to me officially starts when the TOURISTS arrive.

You know the ones. Cranky, irritable, unconsolable. No matter what you do, nothing is right.

I'm talking from someone who knows tourists like the back of my hand. I can spot one as soon as they come into the door.

When I'm not writing and making millions of dollars off my writing (okay, I can dream), I wait on tables at a restaurant. I do this not only for the pleasure of that paycheck (and tips), but it's something that will get me out of the house.

I don't like going out of my house for the main reason that people are weird. Hasn't anyone noticed that? WEIRD. As in, NOT NORMAL.

Years ago, when I was just getting used to the fact that there are people loose on the streets that should have been locked up a long time ago, I wrote a little ditty. It was mainly for my own amusement as I generally like tourists per say. Really I do. Especially when they leave big tips.

So, the ditty I am about to let you read comes from the heart - the heart of someone who tries to make a measley living off of others....

How to be the Perfect Diner

Attention Ladies and Gentlemen, Children, and Others:

I am your server. I am paid to tend to your every wish, get your meal to you on time, and clean up after you.

I am paid below minimum wage, but your tips help me pay for my brand new car outside. I have a family to feed and depend on you to help with that.

I am courteous, friendly, and go that one more step above and beyond to make your dining experience a happy one. I enjoy my job, meeting new people and having a roof over my head.

There are only a few rules I ask you to go by:

1. When you come into the restaurant, abide by the sign at the door that says, "Wait to be seated." It's very hard for me to find you if you have seated yourself. Do not be rude when I finally come to you.

2. I know you are hungry or have driven long distances, but please do not shout at me.

3. When I take your order, please do not stare out the window, talk about the latest party at Chad's to your partner, or ignore me.

4. Do not expect me to know what you want. I am not you. I do not have the same taste buds as you.

5. Please refrain from calling me, "Hey You!" I have a name as my name tag clearly points that out for a reason.

6. Do not yell at me if it is the kitchen's fault they lost your ticket. I can't be everywhere at one time.

7. Do not blame me if there is hair in your food. It is not mine. Honest.

8. Do not allow your kids to take the straw wrappers and make spit-balls out of them.

9. Do not allow your kids to run around the restaurant, jump up and down in the seats, and make loud farting noises with their armpits.

10. Do not bring a sleepy, tired, cranky, well you get the picture, child in the restaurant because you couldn't find a sitter.

11. Do not bring your kids.

12. If I am very busy, please don't annoy me with your pleading for refills. I will get to them when I have time.

13. Do not call me from across the dining room if I am waiting on another table. I have special talents that you wouldn't want to find out.

14. Don't try to talk to me if another server has emotional problems and needs my shoulder to cry on. This could get ugly.

15. Do not make me do a million things for you and tip only a dollar. Or nothing. I will follow you out of the restaurant and write your license plate down. I have friends in the Mafia.

16. Do not call the 800 number on me. I will swear it wasn't me.

17. When it is time to leave, tell me how much you enjoyed my service and will ask for me next time. This will save you from buying new tires after you leave the restaurant.

18. Don't take me personal when I say, "Have a nice day."


This is merely tongue-in-cheek and is no way intended to insult, ridicule or slander. Being a tourist is not your fault. You actually are normal otherwise. Let's hope so anyway. And, btw, don't forget to tip your waitress. She works hard for the money....yeah...works hard for the money so you better treat her right...Donna Summer, may God bless you. ;o)


  1. A good reminder for the start of the summer tourist season.

  2. Good advise year round. Being child-free, I also don't appreciate trying to eat my meal while being annoyed by other people's children whining. If you can't control them, leash and muzzel them or leaving them at home.


    No kidding!

    I did food service for years - and people just absolutely do not treat waiters/resses very well.

    Sigh - And it is a sad thing!

    Lady M

  4. I've lived (and worked) in tourist areas and I can fully appreciate the slogan "If it's called tourist season, how come you can't shoot them?"

    And, having been both a food server and a restuarant owner, your suggestions are great! Waitpersons (HA! Political correctness!) are some of the most hard working, underpaid and under-appreciated workers around.

    If I was wherever you are, I'd leave a really BIG tip!

    p.s. Thanks for the link!!

  5. LOL, "If it's called tourist season, how come you can't shoot them?" This I am printing out and hanging it in the back of the restaurant until Bossman takes it down. It's priceless.

  6. LOL! I used to work in a restaurant and live in a tourist industry town too and I feel your pain!

  7. I can relate to this! worked for years in the business until i retired for medical work - traded customers for patients - i actually think the customers were easier - well you could walk away from them. I'm back out of retirement, again, and doing mostly weddings - I hate weddings - cept for the cake of course.
    Great post!!


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