Thursday, June 15, 2006

Tomorrow is Slam Pitch Day!

I am so psyched. Tomorrow is Slam Pitch Day!

For those that don't know what that is, literary agent Kristin Nelson will be fielding pitches the TWL Author Talks group and I have been working on all week. I'm not sure how it's going to go, but it's going to be so exciting watching the pitches coming through and hearing what she has to say about them.

The pitch starts at 2 p.m. eastern time and even thought that's like..uh..hours away, I know I'm not going to get a bit of sleep tonight and all day tomorrow I'm going to be fretting!

I do have to say that Kirsten Mortenson (sorry if I have that last name wrong) has done a marvelous job with the pitch group. If you could see how we've taken the pitches and improved them...I'd read all these books based on the pitch alone!

But, I think we're ready even though we had some sudden change of plans. We worked all week turning our pitches into one sentence, then Kristin announced just today that she wanted two or three sentences and it was back to the drawing board!

If you could have seen us. We were scrambling around like chickens with our heads cut off lengthening the one sentence pitches we had worked on all week.

But, I think we're ready.

I'll let you know the results tomorrow. I'm pitching three books actually and might throw the nonfiction (she said that she doesn't represent much nonfiction at all but agreed to give me feedback if I sent it through) at just depends on if time runs out. We only have an hour and a half and there's more than 200 of us in there. Kristin will be in for a surprise if all 200 send pitches and send more than one!

That's why I'm going to wait and see how it goes. I know I'm sending the paranormal comedy through and am thinking about sending the paranormal that my friends, Heide Kaminski and Pam Lawniczak and I wrote years ago that was just picked up by a small press. Oh, didn't I tell you? This book was written about 2 years ago and Heide found a publisher for it. They're quite new and I can't really say who until the contract is signed, but we'll see how it goes. I thought the book needed work, and that's why I didn't pursue publication, but Heide thinks this is a step in the right direction because the book has been just sitting in a file, doing nothing. So, we'll see how that goes.

Anyway, I'm all psyched for the pitch fest tomorrow and I'll let you know what Kristin says about my books. I'm skeeeered!

Oh, just a note, I will be returning back to my California journey posts soon. I'm getting psyched about that as well. BF is trying to make sure he has off and it's not looking too good for Sept. 18 and he says we might have to wait until the first of October. FIRST OF OCTOBER???? Jeeez Louise. I want to get in the pool while I'm there! What's the weather like in Las Vegas the first of October? Can you still get in a pool and not freeze your tabookas off?

Anyway, gots to run. I'll let you know what happens tomorrow...wish me luck!


  1. Early October may be okay for the pools - it's borderline - but if it's already turned cool in Virginia, you'll think it's great! :)

    Looking forward to reading more about your plans.

  2. Good luck with the pitch, Dorothy!

  3. Whew...I'm nervous as all get out!

  4. I think you will like Las Vegas in early Oct. Check with Vixen for a better idea of what to expect. It should be cooler than summer but still pretty nice & the pools may will be heated or at least warm enough to feel comfortable. We were there at the end of Feb & it was T-shirt weather in the daytime, a light jacket or sweater at night.


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