Sunday, June 11, 2006

Boomer Chick's Blog of the Week Award

This week's Boomer Chick Blog of the Week Award goes to Daisy Dexter Dobbs' blog "The Dazed Delirious Dialogue of a Romantic Comedy Writer"! Go here and give her a big congrats! Congratulations, Daisy!


  1. I can’t tell you what a lovely surprise it was to find your comment on my blog this morning letting me know about this, Dorothy. Thank you! You really made my day.

    I’m both honored and delighted that you selected my blog for your Boomer Chick Blog of the Week Award!

  2. are so welcome, Daisy! I just love your blog and I feel honored for you to have it!

  3. Excellent choice, Dorothy. I just ran over there to offer my congrats and looks like I was not alone. :)


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