Saturday, December 30, 2006

Check Out My Smoky Mountain Vacation Photo Video!

I'm going photo video nuts! I made another video that you might enjoy. These are pictures I took in the Smoky Mountains last September. It's beautiful...check it out!


  1. Oh you make me want to go back there so much!!
    Awww Maybe in the spring

  2. Fabulous, Dorothy! We may feel nostalgia for our California, but we also both have our mountain retreats - the Smokies for you and the Pacific Northwest for me.

  3. Kathy, you can believe I can't wait until I go back to California! When I get back, I'll have awesome videos to share. I just haven't been there for about forty-five years and I feel the longing to tie up some things within myself, but who knows...I may fall in love with the place so much, I'll want to move back!


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