Monday, December 18, 2006

Online Promotion Class?

Someone in one of my writing groups approached me today and asked me if I would help her promote her book online. For PAY.

You mean all this time my valuable wisdom is worth greenbacks?

I thought about this for a whole millisecond before I concluded hell yeah, I'd love to do it.

So, all today I've been giving it some thought.

But, what I'm really seriously thinking (and still in the thinking stage) of is starting my own online promotion class. I'll be teaching a class how to promote self-published ebooks over at Earthly Charms ( in July, but this one will be a little different.

Actually, what I was thinking was more in the line of helping any kind of author promote their books online. I had one NY published author tell me that her publisher is stepping up on online promotion. Wonder why...hmmm...that there's money in them thar hills?

You bet it's money there.

So, this is what I'm thinking. A four-week class at $12.99 a head. And no more than 30 heads.

What I would like to do is implement the points discussed in my ebook, "A Complete Guide to Promoting & Selling Your Self-Published eBook." What I could do is get everyone to tell me what promotion they have done so far. This way, I'll know what I need to work on to help them.

Sounds right neat. I'm thinking of doing this four times a year, starting with the end of January and do another one in the spring, another one in the summer, and another one in the fall. Keep the classes coming.

So, what do you think? $12.99 sound reasonable?


  1. That's a steal, Dorothy. Last year I paid $25 for a 4-week group class. In a more limited class setting, I paid $200 for 8-weeks. I think you should charge $25 minimum - it should be more than your book costs because of all of the personal coaching.

  2. I am SO there with a class like that, Dorothy. I've been reading your blog regularly and trying to think of how I could eventually do a virtual book tour myself. I've been blogging since September as a way of "finding my reader base" for my two novels about divorced women making new lives for themselves (published by Crown in 2005 and 2006, with a paperback coming out in 2007). I LOVE your blog and your energy and your good ideas. I'd love to take your class! For money!
    Thank you...

  3. Wow, both you girls have given me the push I needed. I started on a webpage last night...thinking the last week of January. Still undecided about the fee, but whatever I come up with, it will be worth that amount of money. I'm even thinking of adding to that value and giving away a completely new ebook with the main points the one I'm selling has. Still in the thinking stage, but man I would love to do this. Sure, the money would be great, but mainly, it's a tough world out there, and if these people that sign up end up selling lots of books because of it, man, this will really make my day.


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