Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Nurse Kratchet Photo Video Debut

Everyone knows that my daughter and my boyfriend really don't see eye to eye, putting it mildly.

To keep peace, they don't say anything to each other when I'm around, and basically, they act as if they are tolerating each other pretty well.

Truth be known, they do stuff to each other when I'm not looking...like hearing the other one pull up in the driveway and jumping in the shower real quick. Now, to clarify, it's a game they play--who can get in the shower first and use up all the hot water so the other one has none.

That's only one of many games they play which really irks me.

Well, I put together this little photo video of my daughter graduating from nursing school, right? She's known around here as Nurse Kratchet...well...truth be known...Nurse Kratchet has finally gotten the last one over BF...here's the photo video...


  1. How creative! It was like watching a romantic comedy - loved the music. Hope you have a fabulous new year, girlfriend!

  2. That was interesting. I hope the holidays bring you all that you hope for.


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