Friday, March 30, 2007

Why We Love Sanjaya

Okay, here's the deal, dog. Sanjaya is hot. If Howard Stern, shock jock who thrives on being different, endorses him, how can you think otherwise?

After yesterday's blog post, I did some digging. All along I have rooted for our little underdog and as it turns out, I was right on the money.

According to AOL Television, here are the reasons why we love Sanjaya:

1. Not since season three's Jon Stevens has a country been so riveted by a marginally talented teenager (marginally talented...hmmm...can you get your hair up in a seven-ponytailed mohawk?)

2. He beat Sundance (gotta give him three thumbs up for that one).

3. Because his fans have the craziest names (gotta love Fan-jayas!).

4. Because he's already been immortalized on Saturday Night Live (this was one of the funniest videos I've seen on YouTube).

5. Because he had nerve enough to hoola dance on television (Nerve? Anyone who would do that doesn't care a doodiddly what others think!)

6. He leaves Simon speechless (priceless!)

7. Because he sucks and he doesn't care (the best thing about this is that I feel he truly knows he doesn't suck and doesn't care that the rest of the world think otherwise).

8. He makes little girls cry (instant teenie-bopper superstardom there!)

9. Howard Stern is a fan (need I say more?)

10. His hair (I gotta admit the mohawk thing was a bit wild and probably scared off those crying teenie-boppers, but what do I know?)

I'm curious to see how far Sanjaya gets. I'd be pretty darn surprised if he doesn't become the next American Idol, despite all the naysayers, for the simple reason that he's already become a household name. I don't think the rest can top that. My next contenders would be either Blake or Haley. The rest have great singing voices (don't they all?) but I'm thinking who would be the most likely one to sell albums for these record companies and that's what it's all about, doc.

Here's a video of his first audition!

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  1. I have never watched "American Idol" even once. I suppose I'm an oddity in American culture.

    Dorothy, I've been sending you e-mail about the virtual book tours. Have you been getting it?


  2. Hi Lynn! I am sooooo behind in emails. I'll go put your name in search (that's the only way I can find anything) and find it. So sorry! Virtual book tours, huh? Which reminds me I need to start a discussion on this on my promoting blog real soon. Okay, off to search my mail!


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