Thursday, March 29, 2007

Will Sanjaya Malakar be the Next American Idol?

You know, I find it either very weird or very interesting that American Idol is the only show I watch. I barely have time for TV, but American Idol is the only show that I will stop what I'm doing and race in the bedroom to watch. And it's all because of a seventeen-year-old teen called Sanjaya Malakar (sorry, I couldn't get the image thingee to load tonight).

Oh, well, that's the reason this year, anyway. I watch it every year, but this year is different. We have an underdog who doesn't sing as well as the others, yet he's really holding his own. But, it wasn't until I saw the little girl crying in the audience did I realize what Sanjaya has. He's got teenie-bopper sex appeal...adorable little guy who I truly believe has the potential to become America's next American Idol. But wait...don't hiss at me yet, let me explain...

When I was a teenie-bopper back many moons ago, I had a crush on Davey Jones, one of the singers from the sixties sensation, The Monkees. Then, when the Partridge Family aired on T.V., it was David Cassidy. If you'll take a real good look at both of these teen idols, what do they have in common? Teenie-bopper sex appeal. It didn't matter how they sang, as long as they sang.

Both these teen idols were never as good as other performers of their generation, but they reached superstardom, selling platinum and gold albums and had every teenie bopper (like me) fainting at their feet.

This is what's happening with Sanjaya, and this is why I feel that he could really win American Idol hands down.

You have to look at the music business as it really is. The music moguls want performers who can sell albums. It's not enough to know how to sing, you have to know how to perform and do that with such power and energy that everyone talks about it. And they are talking about it. Sanjaya even has his own fan website simply called People are definitely talking about it.

It doesn't matter what Simon, Randy or Paula says at this point. Sanjaya already has legions of fans which to me is pretty unusual so early in the game. Diana Ross sums it up: "Sanjaya is love," and I believe that he's going to do pretty darn good. Mark my words. Even if he doesn't win the competition, this boy is going to go far.

I'll tell you one thing. He reminds me of Michael Jackson a little. Anyone notice that?

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