Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Last Debate between Obama and McCaine

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I was sitting on my deck watching the tide as it rolled in past the shoreline and into the marshes alongside the walkway leading out to the dock. It's so quiet, you could hear a pin drop. Earlier, I watched as two lines of birds headed south - one line forming the infamous V pattern flying high, then the second lower near the shoreline and in a straight line.

One wonders why some birds chose the higher road to travel and others chose the lower, closer to the shoreline. I'm not a bird expert by no means, but it does ground you in the fact that not everyone flies the same route or walks the same walk. And that's what makes America the beautiful place it is - our right to be ourselves and express our opinions and differences and not be condemned about it.

That is, unless you're a politician running for office and your opponent is out for blood.

If you're a politician running for office, you better have a thick hide and have a plan of attack because your opponents - colleagues even - are going to stick it below the belt whenever and wherever they can.

One thing that's popping up all over the Internet was a comment Obama made to a guy they're calling Joe the Plumber. Joe mentioned his business falls into that 5% that Obama is going to raise taxes to help the middle class and the poor. Joe didn't like it one bit and, of course, McCaine used this in his strategy to persuade undecided voters last night to vote for him.

I, like a lot of Americans, am tired of hearing these back and forth attacks. It's not going to make me vote for the one doing the attacking but only make my approval meter slink lower than a blue-tailed skunk.

The subject of these attacking ads came up and I think both candidates handled it pretty well. "It's just the way these things go," was sorta the opinion I got after listening to both. Reminds me of a movie I once saw of two grammar school kids - one boy one girl - who was running for office and each was determined to convince the voters to not vote for the other by bribing them with treats, etc. Did it work?

Not in the end because in the end, the blue tailed skunk finally shows its true colors. We can only hope the American people sees through this when they go to the voting polls in November.

I have watched all three debates, plus the one debate between Joe Biden and Sarah Palin and I am not undecided. I know full well what candidate I want to represent us in the White House and I decided this before the name smearing campaigns began. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out who would be for the middle class (as I am) and who would try to be but wouldn't do as well a job, in my opinion. I did listen to the issues from both sides and at one point my vote did sway toward the other side and that was when there was a documentary on one of them and I got to see their personal side, something I never saw before, but I straightened back up and said, "Boomer Chick, vote for the one who represents you, the middle class majority, and who will do the best for you."

I have nothing against the upper class and I do not wish more taxes on them (I don't think that's the answer either), but Barack Obama made a good point. He said something to the effect of "No one likes taxes. I don't like taxes, but it's a part of life." My grandmother once said there's two things we can be certain - death and taxes - and even though we don't want our taxes raised, the money has to come from somewhere to help change America and put it on the right path.

So, with that said, if Boomer Chick was president, I would go through Washington and find every single politician who is making the big bucks by lobbyists' contributions and make them pay for these new reforms that Barack Obama will put in forth once he gets in the White House. Make them pay for new forms of energy to help us rid of our dependency on oil from foreign countries, make them pay for new jobs so that families can afford to heat their house this winter and send their kids to school on a full stomach, make them pay to bail out home owners who are losing their houses because of mortgage institutions foreclosing because they can't pay, but more importantly, make it so that it never happens again. That's a pretty tough bill to follow, but it's time Washington got a Fall cleaning in November and time for the American middle class people to finally have a voice.

And that's the only system I know that will work.

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  1. Cool blog, Boomer chick. As I looked at it, I wondered if you are a real Boomer (ie. born 1942-1953) or part of Generation Jones (born 1954-1965).

    I'd guess you'd enjoy this new 5 minute video which explores differences between Boomer and Jonesers; it features many top national pundits (including David Brooks, Clarence Page, Dick Morris, Juan Williams, Karen Tumulty, Howard Wolfson, Michael Barone, etc.) specifically talking about Obama and Palin's membership in Generation Jones, as well as the surprisingly big role that GenJones is now playing in this 2008 election:

  2. Dear Aunt Dottie: I find myself in agreement with you for Obama and would like to add a little more. Some of us, you and I for instance, are renters who didn't try to buy homes we can't afford and yet in the long run we will be paying for those that did. Neither candidate addressed that fact. Joe the Plummer can KMA, I know what plummers charge and if he is in that 5%, then pay up and be glad that you can afford to do so or lower your prices.

  3. Welcome to the Boomer Chick's abode, Election Gawker! I am humbled. You know, I never knew there was another category - Generation Jones, huh? I was born in 1954 so I guess I'm at the cusp, story of my life, neither here nor there, haha. I'll take a peek at the trailer, gotta reboot this tired old machine to view it as it's stuck on the first frame dammit. I'll give you a full report tomorrow of whether Boomer Chick is a Joneser's Chick? Just doesn't have the same punch, does it?

  4. Thanks, Kari! I just see it as I see it. I should have run for President but it snuck up on me.

  5. Oh Mikeee! Glad to see you in Boomer Chick's house! Sit down and take the load off. Well, the way I see it, you're right and I wish they had addressed that situation, too.

  6. The funny part of last night's debate is that "Joe, The Plumber" doesn't even have a license, so he really isn't even a legit businessperson! Another McCain DUH! moment. McCain just can't hide his disdain for Obama as he clenches his teeth and is out of touch with the real world. He looked like he was off his medications. His record is nothing to tout about if one takes the time to look at the Keating Five Saving and Loan Crisis(Charles Keating is still his best friend), the treatment of POW wives documented on YouTube, his lack of leadership in 26 years, and just his dumping of his first wife alone should tell you his ethic and morals are based on what he can get out of any situation. I say time for tired blood to take Geritol and walk the dog at one of his many homes and leave the future to the young minds and educated bright people that don't have the baggage of old politics on their backs. Even Hillary carried too much of that baggage, and although she would have made a good president, this man of color can bring together globally, nations and peoples like no other person of our time could. Pray he doesn't go the way of Abraham, Martin, John, and Robert. I can't wait for Obama to take office and deal with issues and not sit on his hands and help his close friends get filthy rich on wars that had no reason to be fought.

  7. Wow, the look of your blog has changed considerably since my last visit, Dorothy. Love the header and the colors!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier. So nice to see you. :-)

  8. Good post, Dorothy. Sometimes, I think neither candidate is fully in touch with the reality that is life for the overwhelming majority of folks in this country but of the two, I do think Obama has a better grasp than does McCain. And Palin -boy, don't even get me started on her! What a joke she is!
    I confess I do worry about safety issues for Obama as there is still so much racism that continues here. Just hope and pray he doesn't become a victim like some other really great men mentioned in an above comment I don't think either of them can do much to change many of the issues facing us unless they have Congress working fully along the same plane but I do think Obama has a better vision of how things should be and will strive to make as much of that vision as possible take place.

  9. Thanks for stopping by, Nick! I agree on the Hilary Clinton issue, also - too much baggage. America is ready for a new beginning. I've even grown to like Biden even though he's from the old school, too.

  10. Oh something else I just thought of -if you are interested in reading some good takes on the election process, check out either of these two blogs shown on my blogroll -Pundit Mom and Rather Than Working. Both have really interesting posts about the election, especially Pundit Mom!

  11. Wow, hi Daisy! I was cleaning out my own excess baggage by checking on links in my sidebar and thought I'd check in on happy to see you're still blogging!

  12. Jeni, thank you for visiting! You know, the safety issue is in the back of my mind, too. All I can think of is Martin Luther King, JFK, those who some idiot thinks should be eradicated from this earth just because they were different. I'm not sure but I think I heard that on the polls at CNN, McCain was edging closer to Obama...say it isn't so.


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