Monday, October 13, 2008

The Best of Boomer Chick

Welcome to the best of Boomer Chick (some not for the squeamish):

Boiling Water Ain't for Sissies
California Dreamin'
California Dreamin' - Pt. 2 - My Humble Beginnings
California Dreamin' - Pt. 3 - The Last Ferry Ride
California Dreamin' - Pt. 4 - Glucose Intolerant, Anyone?
California Dreamin' - Pt. 5 - California, Here We Come!
Did You Grow Up Too Fast?
Don't Come Near Me When I've Had a Rejection
Finding My Father Part II - Aunt Carmen
Finding My Father - Part III - Remembering Mother
Finding My Father - Part IV - In My Daddy's Eyes
Finding My Father - Part V - The Alyson Jolly House of Hope
Finding My Father - Part VI - The Euphoria Takes a Nosedive
Finding My Father - Part VII - Opening Old Wounds
Having a Celebrity Moment
How NOT to Hook Your Soul Mate
How to Tell When You've Really Lost It
I Have a Father!
I'm No Betty Crocker
Is Your Book a Golden Retriever or a Chihuahua?
Miracles Do Happen...I'm Going Back to California!
My Favorite Memories of the Bicentennial: Jack Daniels, a Camping Trip and Getting Arrested
News from Buena Vista Library & LA Times!
Off the Beaten Path for a Minute
On the Street Where I (used to) Live
She Works Hard for the Money
Strange Encounter of the Santa Kind
Taxi! Taxi!
The Blind Date From Hell
The Christmas Experience
The Further Adventures of Max, The Bed-Pissing Dog
The Games People Play
The Goose That Almost Wasn't
The Search for the Dream Ornament & The Perfect Punk
The War on Christmas Continues...
When Taking a Dump, Watch Out For Falling Objects
You Can Never Go Home Again...Or Can You?

More to come!

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  1. love this idea of the greatest blog posts. I think I'll try it for my blogs.


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