Thursday, October 20, 2005

How to Tell When You've Really Lost It

This morning, I woke up at the ungodly hour of 6 a.m, why is beyond me. BF had to be at work at 6, so maybe in getting ready he woke me up. Who knows. I got up and grabbed a cheez whiz sandwich, glass of pepsi and even though I was really groggy, I turned on the computer and while I'm consuming my not-so-politically-correct snack, I answered email, whatnot.

About 6:30, I can't keep my eyes open any longer (keep in mind I take two pills at night and need a full night's sleep), so I go on back to bed. It's incredibly hot so I try to turn on the air conditioner and it starts making rackety noises, so I quickly turn it off. I turn over and make the best of it. Then, I hear Melissa get up to take a shower (she's got to be at nursing school at 8). I toss and turn. My stomach is doing something weird and I hope it's not because I left the Cheez Whiz out overnight.

I finally fall asleep.

I dream something weird. I can't remember details right now, but I was heavily into whatever was going on.

My eyes peep open. I look at the clock. It says 12:00 and I'm supposed to be at work at 11!!!!

I jumped out of bed and raced for the phone. The answering machine was blinking and I was sure it was work calling wondering where the hell I was and if I didn't pick up, I was fired (just a slight wishful premonition).

I wish I had work on speed dial, but I don't and I call some number which is wrong and I have to start over. I finally get them and it's the BOSS.

"Gill, I'm sorry, but I overslept! I'll be there in a half hour."

I hear laughter. Then, he says, "It's Thursday and you don't have to be here until 5, remember?"

I felt like cow manure and said, "Heh. That's right. I thought it was Friday."

I'm either losing it or need a loooooooooooooong vacation.


  1. I have done pretty much the same on Saturdays upon occassion. Even got dressed and began to drive in once, wondering at the lack of traffic.
    It can't be that we're getting *gasp* old? :)

  2. I did the same thing one time... even posted about it, though I'd have to dig it out of my archives.

    A Cheese Whiz sandwich? And Pepsi? At 6:00am? I don't think I could eat that at 6:00pm. :p

  3. Steel Cowboy - LOL, feels right stupid, doesn't it?

    FTS - don't know what you're missing, lol.

  4. That is SO something I would do!

  5. I have definitely had days like that!!!

  6. Hehehe, Dorothy,
    I've had a moment . . . or two, like that before }:)


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