Tuesday, October 4, 2005

Whaaa? I'm only PART Diva???

After a terrible day and night of becoming postal on my family *see blog post here*, I decided to put up my invisible shield to them and go blogging. It's my only thrill at the moment, believe me.
I came upon this little quiz of sorts that will tell me if I am a diva. Ahh...I thought...someone out there might think I'm worthy even though my family doesn't!

Well, after answering the five or so questions, this is my results:

You're Part Diva

You know that a girl's gotta work it to get her way in the world.
And while you aren't about to throw a tantrum at every turn...
You do amp up the drama when you know you need it.
You mix charm, honesty, and kindness to get ahead.

Okay, so what's with the dog head? If I were a full diva, would I be promoted to human?

And did you see the word "drama" there??? *see blog post again* Well, did you go back and see it??? THERE'S THE DRAMA QUEEN THING AGAIN.
I cannot escape from it!!!!

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