Monday, October 31, 2005

Coming Up For a Breather - New Soul Mate Book

I haven't posted for a few days because I have been heavily engrossed in a book I started about a year ago. The muse has decided to light upon my shoulders and I can't do anything else but write before it takes off and I'm sitting there staring at blank pages. So, it's no sleeping, eating (yeah, right) and not much else while the muse is with me....I'm on a roll and I better run with it.

The book is called "Are You My Soul Mate?" (the blog was named after it). I have unraveled the mysteries of the soul mate connection - why we have them and what purpose or roles they play in our lives. I'm up to page 72, and my goal is at least 250 pp.

It didn't dawn on me to finish the book until I was looking in my files and noticed that I had a pretty good start on a pretty good book. I talk about soul mates in my promo work for Romancing the Soul, but all these ideas of mine that are swimming around my head need to be written down.

I've read many books on soul mates and the closest author I can find that comes close to having the same views was the magnificent and brilliant (although he didn't think so) Edgar Cayce.

There have been many books written on the subject and most are too technical, too biblical, or too New Agey. Yes, soul mates are all that, but what I wanted was a book where the ordinary layman can understand. Plus, there's a few things the ordinary layman will never understand unless they read this book and follow my guidance. This stuff works.

I've helped many people understand the soul mate experience and I'd like to say I've helped them find their soul mates, but only they can do that. No psychics on this earth can do that for you.

People may be able to open up your mind to the ideas, the theories, but only until you follow the ideas in my book will you be able to understand what it takes to be able to find your soul mate.

So, that's where I'm at now.

After I finish this book, I'll start back into the prequel and sequel of my hen lit book that is packed up and ready to go to the agent this afternoon.

But, for some heavenly reason, I must keep my focus on this book. In two days, I have mapped out the chapters, begun to write, began on the proposal and it's like it has taken over my life. So, I have to finish this before I go on to other things. If I stop, in the immortal words of my grandmother, "That's all she wrote." And it will be hard to get back into it without the muse on my side. Oh, don't you just love your muse!


  1. What awesome news, Dorothy! I always longed for my soulmate and now that I've found him, I believe it's the only way to live.

  2. Kathy, would you be interested in an interview for a section of the book?

  3. That must be my problem. My muse hasn't found out where I live yet. ;-)

    I want a soulmate so I can play! lol


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