Tuesday, October 4, 2005

Never Met a Texan I Couldn't Love

After the terrible yesterday I had *see blog*, I decided I'd get up and ignore the family and go blogging. Never mind the fact that the family has gone off to school/work, their energies are still within this house so I choose to put up my invisible family hating shield and wallow in my part-Diva *see blog* self-pity and go blogging.

I came upon a wonderful blog called Follow that Star. For once, no one was bashing chick lit or women in general *see dickhead blog if you dare*. And it was quite refreshing. Meander over there when you get the time...he has quite a few people who check in daily.

But, you know what impressed me the most? HE'S FROM TEXAS.

Coming from the east coast and living here most of my oh-so-boring days, and having been around a few blocks or so in the dating game, I just don't get what East Coast men are all about. Where are their manners? Why aren't they putting women up on pedestols *bad spelling I know and I'm a writer* like Texans do?

I have a friend named Michael who was born in Texas and lived there during his childhood. He is the kindest, sweetest person you'd ever want to meet. And very very southern gentlemanly. I met him in person on a booksigning in Arkansas and once he opened his mouth and let loose that Texas accent, I thought I had died and gone to heaven. That accent is to die for.

Of course, I have an accent fetish anyway. Put a Texan in front of me and I'm all goo-goo and turning all hot inside!

But what's up with these East Coast men??? I just don't get it. Why does a certain geography have anything to do with who you are?

Here's a scenario so you can understand better what I'm talking about:

Me: "I'm not feeling well. Do you think you can fix dinner for
yourself tonight?"
East Coast Man: "That's okay, I'll just sit here on the sofa and
watch the game until you feel better. But don't take too long."
Texas Man: "I'm sorry, dah-ling. You just lie there and I'll go
in the kitchen and whip something up that will make you feel better."


Me: "I sure would love to get married one day."
East Coast Man: "See ya later!"
Texas Man: "Here's the ring, honey-pie. I've got a 56 acre
spread out there in Dallas that you and I can spend the rest of our lives
in. Hope you don't mind spending time sitting on that front porch and
listening to the crickets while you finish that novel thing of yours."

Maybe I need to move to Texas, you think?


  1. You flatter me with your comments, and while they're greatly appreciated you may give me too much credit, dear lady. I have my moments where I poke good-natured fun at the fairer sex -- as well as myself. But mostly at them. ;-)

    Thank you for stopping by and visiting!

  2. I used to say the same about California men - especially since I found a very special man from oh, say, the East Coast. But maybe East Coast men are only special in California. :)

  3. LOL, FTS, but I still say Texans treat their women better. I know...been there, done that.

  4. LOL, Kathy...I think it helps if east coast men go off and see the world. I'm an east coast woman but I've lived as far west as California and as far south as Florida and I feel I've seen it all. I was a kid in California, but one guy stood out...someone named Bruce, can't remember the last name. He let me win at some kind of ball game, can't remember the name of it. And, he'd always choose me when we had our dancing lessons. Man, they don't do that in school anymore, do they? Yeah, it was do-see-doing I remember that much anyway. But once I got to the east coast, it's like they are all some kind of different beast. I'm not saying they are all like that, but the ones I have run into are. Maybe I just need to concentrate on getting my books out to these agents and forget everyone else anyway. Having a menopausal day I think.

  5. Maybe it's because my East Coast-turned-Californian also likes to do a little Texas 2-Steppin. :)

    BTW, we were looking at Texas real estate (in the DFW area) just the other day - you can get a big ol' house for less than what you pay for a much smaller home here.

  6. Omg...are you serious? Can I come visit if you do? The DFW area...my friend, Michael, talks about there. You ought to see his pictures. He has a picture of when he was a kid standing in front of some kind of oil tycoon's house. I wish I could talk him into blogging...he has so many wonderful stories.

  7. LOVE those Southern men. I had a very dear friend from TX--he was the only man I wasn't dating who could call me Darlin' without seeming, umm... smarmy.

    Thanks for coming by my place. I'll be back!

  8. OMG, that's it, Cheryl! And did you see what FTS called me??? DEAR LADY. OMG...I'm gonna faint.

  9. Well, if you're so wowed by a Texas accent, you really should hear mine, because it's so thick and heavy, you could use it for a paperweight, and I'm afraid you might do something really weird to me ;^)


    I'm very proud of my accent, and of the fact that even with this thick ol' East Texas drawl I have, I can still speak and write with near-perfect grammar and syntax. Hopefully, I can help dispel the attitude that some people seem to have, that anyone with a thick Southern/Texas accent is automatically some kind of slack-jawed idiot redneck.
    I'm anything BUT a redneck or 'shit-kicker'. My hair's all gray, but it's all there, and it's long. I'm the quintessential 'East Texas Hippie', though I live in Austin nowadays.

    Anyway...just thought I'd say howdy, having caught your comments about your love of Texas accents!

    Dave Hughes
    P.S. Check out my own blog here, "Dave Hughes, Militant Native Texan"


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