Sunday, October 9, 2005

Having a Legally Blonde Moment

After yesterday, I thought tonight, when I got off work, I was going to do something a little different.

After I got home, I took a look around the kitchen and noticed that my daughter had started the dishes, so I put off household chores and jumped right on the computer to let my writing group know I hadn't jumped off the nearest bridge.

After that, I got up to turn the air off and made the bed. No sooner had I done that, all three furry companions ran in the bedroom thinking I'd gone mad because there was actual movement in the house. I took off my scrunchie and started playing with my miniature collie, Skylar, and before you knew it, Cassie (my girl cocker) jumped on the bed and did her roll over thing where she wants you to scratch her. Max (my boy cocker), not to be outdone by his sisters, decided to jump on the bed and come in between them and me and before you knew it, I was rolling on the bed with laughter.

Then...the remote caught my eye! BF is off somewhere, and usually he has control of the remote AND the TV and I'm forced to stay on the computer because sports ain't my thing, but tonight IT WAS MINE.

I clicked around and landed on LEGALLY BLONDE - a movie I'd never watched before although my daughter has owned the DVD for some time.

Well, before you knew it, I was laughing even louder than I had before. At a stupid chick movie!

Only, it wasn't stupid, it was downright cute!

Reese Witherspoon plays Elle, who is dumped by her boyfriend who is on his way to become a senator because he feels that she isn't aristocratic enough. In his words, "I want a Jackie, not a Marilyn!" Totally kills her, she sulks forever, until she realizes the one way she can get back her man is to go to Harvard Law School and become the woman he should have by his side. Once she gets to Harvard, she learns she has more legal savvy than she ever imagined and wins a top case, gaining super stardom in the legal world.

Ex Boyfriend, who just so happens to be attending the same law school, approaches Elle at the end when she's in her Super Stardom Law Moment and has the balls to tell her he loves her even after dumping her at the beginning of the movie! TALK ABOUT A JERK. And, she turns him down!!! I started screaming and yelling, "Yes! Yes!"

Okay, doesn't take much to make me excited, but there were so many things in the movie that I could relate to! Being blonde myself, I felt the discrimatory remarks, heard the blonde jokes and the snide remarks about being "out there." This movie gets my thumbs up for blondes everywhere! WE ARE SMART ONCE GIVEN THE CHANCE TO SHOW IT!

Totally, totally loved the movie!

Go Elle!

About damn time someone stood up for blondes everywhere .... that it didn't matter what was on the outside, it's what's on the insides that counts and even blondes have brains much to everyone's surprise!


  1. Don't hate me for it, but... I choose sports. ;-)

  2. WTG, Dorothy! And for all of us blondes - our brains take 'em by surprise every time. :)

  3. FTS - I couldn't hate you. I don't let many people know this, but I do catch a football game once in awhile, especially the Super Bowl. ;o)


  4. I agree with you. When we think that a movie is a chick one, we're wrong. I've thought Legally Blonde was in the way...but it's the best, and funniest movie that I've seen ever... elle plays a role which is so common...just with blonde and glam...
    don't u think?

    loves from chile



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