Tuesday, October 4, 2005

How You Are In Love

I really should get back to my revisions, but I'm not through playing yet. Came across a test that tells me how I am in love. Now's not the time to ask *see blog post*, as everyone in this house is on my Shit List. But, anyway, for fun and entertainment, I played the game.

How You Are In Love

You take a while to fall in love with someone. Trust takes time.

You tend to take more than give in relationships.

You tend to get very attached when you're with someone. You want to see your love all the time.

You're secretly hoping your partner will change for you.

You are fickle and tend to fall out of love easily. You bounce from romance to romance.

Ouch. Bounce from romance to romance, huh. Story of my life. Just when things are almost kosher, I'll be finding new love. I don't think I have the energy.

As for the first sentence, I don't think that describes me at all. I must have hit the wrong answer for that one. If anybody, I'm always the one who falls in love too easily. Give me a few kind words and I'm wagging my tail at your feet.

But, come to think of it, that WAS me about ten years ago. That was about the time I said to hell with men and I'm going to learn how to take care of myself. And that's when potential soul mates started banging my door down. Go figure. Guess they like the chase?

"You tend to give more in relationships." Well, that's oh-so-true. At least it was years ago, now it's you better do it yourself or it ain't gonna get done. But, I do tend to be the one to try to make things work. I have a thing about comfort. Once I'm in that comfort zone, I don't want to get out of it. Even if it's the wrong zone in the first place. As long as I'm happy, that's what counts but I want my partner to be happy, too. Both sides have to give equal time, though.

"You tend to be very attached when you're with someone." Me, years ago, again. But, do you see what I am saying here? I'm saying I've changed, but the test tells me I haven't!

"You're secretly hoping your partner will change." Well, glory be, if that isn't calling the kettle black. Secretly hoping, that's the key phrase. I know he'll never change and I don't make him change..that's the secret of a successful relationship. However, there's lots of things I "secretly hope" will change:

1) not pissing on the toilet seat
2) not leaving his toy Shelby Cobra Remote Car sitting on top of the entertainment center in the living room
3) stop harassing Max so that he growls to the top of his lungs (he thinks this is quite amusing while meanwhile I'm in the living room trying to write and biting my tongue)
4) stop spending all his money at the slots and save for that house he has to buy me
5) stop going into a pesticide frenzy and spraying every living thing in my back yard including my vegetable plants (I did have to yell at that one)
6) stop complaining about his back everytime I mention wanting to go somewhere but incredible there's no pain when he just HAS to go to the slots
7) stop parking his jazzed-up black pickup with the chrome wheels and custom paint job in the middle of the front yard for everyone to gloat upon (yeah, this one pisses me off more than anything)
8) stop letting Max get on the bed when you know damn well he's going to piss on it
9) stop throwing things in the bedroom wastebasket when the damn thing is full
10) and my most prized complaint of all...stop acting like an 8-year-old and mature into the 42-year-old you're supposed to be.

Okay, well, he does have a few bad points. But, that's what I get for getting hooked up with a boy toy, huh? *grin*

"You are fickle and tend to fall out of love easily"

You think?


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