Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Is this the coolest thing or what? Boomer Chick has a new face! Thanks to Zoe at Chic & Sassy Designs, Boomer Chick is now rockin'! I had been looking for a template for a long, long time. I was sooo tired of the same ol' same ol,' but when I would find one that wasn't too bad, it had a code I couldn't use and didn't know how to translate it over to a code I could use.

And prayers were answered. In a search, I found Chic and Sassy Designs. Perusing through their available template, one stood out and was so perfect - this one!

How do you like? Is this just the bomb place to hang out or what???


  1. Thanks, Cheryl! Kinda whimsey and fun and that's exactly what I wanted.

  2. Dorothy,

    This is such a cool blog. I love it! As one over-the-hill chick to another, you're a sassy mama, and a great virtual tour facilitator. Because of you and Jaime, my new book, THE FORBIDDEN DAUGHTER, is on so many wonderful blogs. Keep up the good work. You go girl!

    Shobhan Bantwal
    THE DOWRY BRIDE - Sept 2007

  3. Oh Shobhan, thank you dah'lin! Wonderful to see you at poor ol' Boomer Chick's abode...drag up a chair and have a cup of coffee!


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