Saturday, January 9, 2010

Mack is Back

Well that crazy maniacal dog almost died. I'm talking about Max. So much has happened but I really need to write all this stuff down or else I'll forget about it. It's even hard to remember now simply because maybe just maybe it's something I really want to forget.

As I said, he almost died. And I saved him. Well the vet saved him but I paid the $547 vet bill and without me doing that, well...I digress.

So Max has had this awful ear infection right. If it weren't for the quack doc who saw him the first go around with it, maybe he wouldn't have gotten so terrible, but I can't blame him really. The one's to blame is my idiotic daughter who let him splash around in the marsh - slash - channel water out front. It has every living species of anything that swims out there but anyway, that's when all this started.

So I've been told that that's when it started.

So he's had this ear infection and the new doc which really was the old doc when he was a pup but was too far to travel to so we went to this other new doc who didn't know what in the hell he was doing told us he had a choice - or we had the choice bless little Max's heart - but we had the choice to either put medicine in his ear every single day and night of his life or go across the bay and have his eardrums taken out which would make him permanently deaf. Duh let's see. Give me a moment, I'm contemplating.

We chose meds.

But it wasn't until we gave him a new set of pills to help with a humungous - and growing but we didn't know it at the time - lump on the side of his head. It's cancer one woman told us and another said it was an abscess. I've never had a dog have either but I most definitely didn't want cancer.

So I have to work and my daughter takes him to this doctor who happened to be not feeling well himself so he really didn't do a bangup job of diagnosing him.

"I think he has an abscess." (my daughter)

"I think you're right." (the doc)

I really think my daughter should have been a veterinarian.

So the doctor gives her these pills to give him and some new stuff to put in his ear and was told to start all this stuff the next day.

The next day arrives and the lump is now tripled in size. We give him the medicine and I'm at work when my daughter calls me and says, "Max is throwing up blood."

As the night progresses, Max is barely moving. I thought he was dying. As it turned out, he had 104 degree temperature.

So we take him to the doc in the morning first thing and he takes one look at Max and says, "That thing sure did grow, didn't it. I never noticed it that big before."

He tells me he's going to keep him overnight and to call the next day.

I call and he tells me I can pick him up.

So, I go to pick him up and Max looks like a punk rocker. Half his head is shaved and he's got this tube sticking out of the top of his head that runs down alongside his ear.

"He'll drip, so just keep wiping it off his fur and bring him back on Friday."

So I take him home and I'm really concerned because he's not eaten in 4 days. Lo and behold, though, I offered him some bread (his favorite) and he took it. I made him a sandwich and he ate the whole thing.

It's been a few days now and Max is doing great. The tube is still in his ear draining the abscess but I'm supposed to take him back on Monday to have it taken out. He's eating great, playing and acting his normal self before this ear infection took over.

But I want to say this. After I told someone how much it cost, he said, "I would have put the dog down." That makes me sad. Very sad that someone could say such a thing. I have my Mackiedoodle back and everytime I look at his shining eyes and wagging tail, I know I did the right thing.

I'll have pictures tomorrow.

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