Thursday, January 5, 2006

Custom E-book Covers!

I am so behind in blogging and I hope my friends out there will excuse me, but I've gotten a new venture going and I promise I'll check on everyone's blogs tonight when I get home from work.

Well, the new venture is E-bookCovers4U, in which I design professional custom e-book covers. This is my new banner to the right and you can check out my website here.

I'm really excited about it because now I can get some great covers out there for people who need them and are tired of those unprofessional computerized covers. That's what made me even get into this in the first place.

Plus, it's about time we had control over our own covers, don't you think?

So, basically, it's geared towards self-publishing authors who sell e-books off their website. Most graphic artists charge a hundred bucks or more, but I'm selling them for the introductory price of $25 until March 31. Cool, eh?

Well, on the home front, work is killing me. As most of you know, I wait on tables at night but between getting this business going and finishing up my e-books and waiting for the agent to tell me she wants my book *heh*, and trying to please the masses at work who all they want is a decent meal and good service, I'm a wreck.

So, I'm off to take a nap but I wanted to let you guys know about this e-book cover venture and if you're interested, drop me an email and we'll talk. Have a cup of coffee. Shoot the breeze. Play Parcheesi. Whatever your little ol' heart desires...;o)

Y'all have fun now, ya hear?


  1. You've got to be one of the most driven people! Good luck with this venture, Dorothy!

  2. Driven? Crazier than hell? Absolutely. ;o)


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