Monday, January 30, 2006

I Hate Writing Fiction

If you knew what I'd been through the last couple of days, you'd know why I came out of the closet with this.

I hate, hate, hate fiction.

Okay, back up.

Sisterhood got turned down by Dream Agent. I thought, well, maybe I need to rewrite it (not thinking that maybe one agent might like it while another won't...noooo....), so I took out the prologue and totally wrote a new beginning chapter in the place of it. More chick/hen litty type of chapter. It seemed to look better...I had a few people tell me that it was better than the previous version with the prologue and everything, but now that I have added a whole brand new chapter, it has to blend in with the rest of book, right?

You would think that this would be easy. Not!

I've introduced a new character who lasts until the first chapter. Very minor character, but I'm hoping that when I go back in the book and reshape it to fit this first chapter, no one will miss her gone.

And, since I've already introduced the protag's daughter in this new chapter, I'll have to go into the next chapter that's already written and which she's introduced and change it.

Plus, the previous version has her divorced for ten years, yet this new chapter has her newly divorced but now I'm trying to get the dates right. Guess you'd have to be there.

Another thing. The title.

This book has gone through fifty million titles. Started out with "Over the Hill," then for some odd reason, I liked the word "Sisterhood," so it became "The Sisterhood of the Inner Goddess," since it's about three women whose goal is to reclaim their inner goddess once again.

Then, someone suggested "Sisterhood of the Traveling Granny Panties" since it's a road story. I have to admit, I died when I saw that for the first time, but do I want to can the Inner Goddess part?

Then, someone today suggested "The Golden Goddess Girls" playing on the Golden Girls theme.

Then, someone else suggested "Road to the Inner Goddess".

Most liked the Sisterhood Traveling Granny Panties title, thought it was funny and agreed it would attract attention.

Now I'm thinking about this Golden Goddess Girls thing...that soooo has a ring to it. So, how do I incorporate Golden Goddess Girls into the Traveling Granny Panties title?

Now you see why I absolutlely hate fiction?????


  1. I like Sisterhood of the Traveling Granny Panties best. It's unique and catchy. One thing I've learned is an author must have a title that grabs one's attention. My agent had me change the title of my current WIP three times before settling on this last one--and that may change again if an editor doesn't like it.

    Yes, be very careful to go through your novel and make all the appropriate changes. Not only will editors find these errors, but so will readers.

    Good luck!

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  3. How's GRANNIES GONE WILD? ;-)


  4. LOLOLOL, GRANNIES GONE WILD!!! What a hoot!!


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