Thursday, March 30, 2006

Have You Found Your Twin Soul?

I had an interesting email come in this morning from a young man who found himself in an awkward position. He was about to get married, but lo and behold, someone stepped into his life and the connection was so strong, he just had to write to me and ask what I thought about it.

I get questions all the time from those seeking answers to their perplexing soul mate questions, but the ones that really intrigue me are the ones that have had their twin souls enter their life, only they didn't know it.

I love explaining what the twin soul relationship is all about because I feel that this third group of soul mates (karmic and companion being the other two) is so interesting. There is so much more involved in this relationship than any other relationship out there.

A couple days I had a woman who I syndicate my articles to ask me about twin souls. And these are only two examples. There are millions of people out there that are looking for their twin soul, yet they have yet to find them (or so they think) and they want to know the secret.

The secret is held in my book, How to Find and Keep Your Soul Mate (I know, shameless plug), but I will say this much: everyone has a twin soul, just like everyone has karmic and companion soul mates, but they all come into your life on a different level.

The first thing you will notice is that spiritual connection. If the spiritual connection is not present (and you will know it), then it's not your twin soul. And, in a lot of cases I have seen, you will already be in a committed relationship when he/she enters your life. Makes for a complicated situation, don't you think?

Can we be in love with two people at the same time? Sure, we can. We're only human. But, the thing is, both persons are in your life for separate reasons. You will find that one person fulfills a need you have, while the other fills another.

I was in a committed relationship when I met my twin soul. Yes, I felt that spiritual connection, but never acted upon it or acknowledged it because I was with someone else. In time, the connection surfaced to a point where it was time to face up to what was happening. I didn't want to hurt my "companion" soul mate, but I couldn't ignore what was to be my twin soul, either.

In time, I knew that it was meant for me to say with my companion soul mate and I let my twin soul go. He ended up dying of a broken heart two weeks later.

Not all twin soul relationships happen that tragically, but it's an example of how strong the pull is. Hurting of the heart is one of the most painful hurts one can ever experience, as we all have been through it and know.

But, the point is, you can love more than one person at one time, just on different levels. I'm curious, have you met your twin soul when you were already in a relationship and you chose to stay in your relationship? Or did you find the strength to forgo your present relationship and be with your twin soul?

If so, please leave a comment or email me personally at I am conducting interviews for a book I am writing on the subject. Thank you!


  1. You know, I used to believe in the concept of a soul mate very strongly. And when I lost that person, I figured I would never find anyone else, and love that way. Yet I did. So I guess I'm just wondering what you think - are there more than one soul mate out there for us?

    Oh, you can email me the answer if you want at

  2. Oh that is so sad:

    "In time, I knew that it was meant for me to say with my companion soul mate and I let my twin soul go. He ended up dying of a broken heart two weeks later"

    Oh... Sniffle. Just horrid. Broken hearts are just awful.


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