Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Okay, I'm back and am just so darn excited because I have a brand new website to announce!


Gear up for an exciting new website that is going to put new meaning in the word "soul mates." I'm going all out for this one, folks, so please, check me out at www.soulmatequeen.com!
I'm going to rock your world!

Can we say excited? ;o)

Okay, Soul Mate Queen, calm down, I've got to explain to the nice folks out there what this is all about. Don't mind her...she's crazy, I'm telling you, but she's darn smart when it comes to soul mates.

SoulMateQueen.com is your one-stop relationship website that is going to give you the FACTS on what soul mates are all about. Free relationship articles, free relationship advice, PLUS a free e-book! There's even a convenient form for you to fill out if you want to tell the Soul Mate Queen about your soul mate experience. A book is in progress and she needs all the interviewees she can get. So, humor her, visit www.soulmatequeen.com and be prepared...you may find your soul mate closer than you think!


  1. Girlfriend - you ROCK!!! Now I know why you've been MIA around here. Best of luck with your latest endeavor! But don't give up on your hen lit, although the latest I hear is that "bitch lit" is in. :)

  2. Oh, ho-ney, don't you worry about a thing as the song goes...I'm trying to keep from going crazy with my hen lit out to various agents. Two have turned me down so far...think I have five more to go or something like that. So, I need something to keep my mind off of it!

  3. Just thought I'd let you know I've requested the free writer's e-book 3 times and it hasn't arrived yet. The system might not be working correctly - and you might be losing a lot of readers :)

  4. Thanks for the heads-up, Angela. I'm the system...lol. Your e-book will be on its way to you tonight...been working long hours, plus finishing up the soul mate site. Isn't it perty, though?

  5. It was here this morning. Thanks! I just wanted to be sure you weren't missing other readers :D

  6. That's awesome!

    And I love the picture on it!

    You go girl - I'll be sure to swing by there often.

    Much Hugs - and a shout out to all the soul mates out there!

    Lady M

  7. Wow, Dorothy. You've been quite the busy bee.



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